Street Fighter 5 Spring Update Adds Rose And More

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Rose is the next addition to Street Fighter 5 Champions Edition and returns to the hugely popular beat 'em up with the new Spring update.

Revealed with the Street Fighter V Winter Update program, Rose has several new moves that add a new level of depth to her gameplay.

If you're wondering when Rose will release, what her gameplay looks like and all the info you'd ever need on her moveset, then read on!

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Rose Release Date

Rose is coming to Street Fighter 5 on April 19 as part of the Spring Update.

Rose Gameplay

Take a look at some gameplay of Rose in action, shown during the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Spring Update:

Rose Moveset

Confirmed details from Capcom Unity.

Rose’s V-Skill I, “Soul Fortune,” has her pulling out a tarot card to either buff herself or debuff her opponents. Each of the tarot cards has a different color and a different effect. There’s an icon at the bottom near her V-Gauge bar that indicates which card you have in hand.

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The white card, “The Magician,” increases Rose’s V-Gauge when used. Hold down the buttons and she will hold the card up and continuously gain V-Gauge! However, be aware that she is vulnerable while charging. The red card, “The Chariot,” will increase Rose’s attack damage, making all her moves stronger while the effect is active.

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With her debuff cards, Rose tosses them at her opponent. These cards count as a single hit projectile and they will apply the debuff even if the opponent is blocking. The green card, “The Tower,” will decrease her opponent’s damage. The purple “Death” card increases chip damage and gray life that the foe will take.

This new V-Skill adds a whole new depth of play to Rose. Are you more of an offensive player who prefers powering up or do you prefer to play defensively and weaken your opponent?

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V-Trigger I, “Soul Dimension,” is a brand new 2-bar V-Trigger for Rose that allows her to teleport to one of three spots on the screen: Back side of the screen, right behind her opponent, and mid-air behind her opponent. The teleport can be cancelled off of most special moves both on the ground and in the air. If you’re looking for strong mix-up potential and extended combos, this is the V-Trigger for you.

A returning Street Fighter IV favorite, Rose’s “Soul Satellite” is back! In SFV this move is now a V-Skill meaning Rose can activate it and summon a single orb whenever she wants. Use V-Skill again to summon a second orb. Each orb can either hit once or negate a single projectile hit. This is the V-Skill for you if you’re looking for a solid pressure tool. 

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Since the move has now become a V-Skill, Rose can use it at no meter cost. However, this move is slow to come out, so make sure to only use it at a safe moment away from your opponents.

“Soul Illusion” is another returning move, this time from the Street Fighter Alpha series. It’s a 2-bar V-Trigger that summons a mirrored image that follows Rose and executes the same commands she does.

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This V-Trigger can make Rose a combo monster as it not only allows longer combos, but it also increases the damage of her Soul Spark projectiles. In addition, the mirrored image can cover your offense by making unsafe moves safer or allow you to close the distance against your opponent. Using the same normal move a second time in the same combo will launch the opponent, allowing for a different combo path.

Rose is looking future proof with her gameplay styles, allowing for a heavy offensive and mix-up style or a more traditional defensive style.

Rose Victory Screen

Street Fighter 5 Rose Victory Screen
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During Rose’s victory screen, she tosses a tarot card as the results populate. There are many different cards that can appear during this screen. Find out on April 19 when Rose releases as part of Season 5 of SFV!

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