Twitch Takes Down 24/7 Morbius Movie Stream Just For Another To Replace It

A promo screenshot for Morbius.
Credit: Image via Kinorium.

A 24-hour looping Twitch stream of the Jared Leto film Morbius has been taken down by the streaming platform, only for another to rise up and take on the mantle.

This means that those seeking their daily dose of Morbius, following a few dark hours without an easy means of getting their fix, are now back in business.

While the original stream, Morbius247, lies dormant due to “a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service”, Morbius_Mode has taken up the gauntlet.

Twitch Tries to Take Down 24/7 Morbius Movie Streams

As of writing, the single still running Morbius steam has attracted an audience of just over 1k in under an hour and also boasts a very active chat.

Its predecessor boasted slightly more success, having amassed just over 3k viewers in around an hour, with more and more people being sucked into the viral meme vortex that has surrounded the vampire film since its US release on April 1.

Following in the footsteps of cult classics like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, Morbius is well on the way to becoming a ‘so bad it’s good’ hit, even boasting its own subreddit full of semi-unhinged posts and mega-fans who weren’t best pleased when the original stream bit the dust.

“This is a violation of our rights! WE WANT MORBIUS” posted one user in response to the takedown.

However, the Morbius collective hasn’t had it all bad in the past 24 hours, with fast food restaurant KFC’s official account having posted an allusion to the film on Twitter.

It remains to be seen when or whether the currently functioning Morbius stream will meet the same fate as its predecessor, so, if you’re in the mood for Morbius, definitely get your fix sooner rather than later.

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