Stardew Valley Modding Craze Does Weird Things To Grandpa

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An image of the Grandpa bed in Stardew Valley
Credit: Novamare on Nexus Mods.

Whether they replace Skyrim’s Dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine or swap out Fallout New Vegas’ Mr House with Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, mods can be, and often are, weird.

However, the modders of Stardew Valley are taking things to another level right now.


Starting a few days ago, a craze has swept across the community, uniting scores of people around a single rather strange goal: put Grandpa in as many weird scenarios as possible.

Stardew Valley Modders Do Weird Things To Grandpa

Originating from memes in the Stardew Valley subreddit surrounding the game’s opening sequence, which sees the aforementioned Grandpa on his deathbed bequeathing the player a letter instructing them to look after the farm, thus beginning the game, the mods have become ubiquitous.

The initial surge of them saw the poor old fellow be relegated to the floor instead of a bed, be put into the Family Guy death pose and eventually be made to have wet the bed before expiring and, quite frankly, things have only gotten worse since.


More recent mods remove Grandpa entirely, leaving only the bed and letter behind, swap things around so he’s lying in an envelope and handing you the bed and, finally, turn feeble Grandpa into a horrifying bed-shaped creature straight out of your nightmares.

There’s also one that sees a game of ping pong played over the old man’s prone and dying body.

Thanks, Stardew Valley modders, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Outside of the intro cutscene, another mod turns every single character in the game into Grandpa, so that you’re constantly faced with reminders of your dead relative as you traverse the game’s world.


Some users on the Stardew Valley Reddit seem to be starting to come to their senses, with danishjuggler21 saying: “at this point, I couldn’t even tell you what the original looked like” and I_forgot-sorry adding: “I feel sorry for grandpa”.

Perhaps the madness will end soon and Grandpa will be allowed to regain some dignity.

Or maybe not.

Either way, follow us for more updates on Stardew Valley and weird modding communities in general.