Best Stardew Valley sex mods for 2023

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Stardew Valley game art, showing a farm and field.
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Read this guide and discover the best Stardew Valley sex mods for 2023. If you think that farming simulators like Stardew Valley are hardly associated with sex, mod developers can easily change your mind. It might sound strange, but creative individuals made various Stardew Valley sex mods.

Even though some mods might seem too weird, some sex mods can significantly improve your in-game experience. So check out our list to see some of the most popular picks!


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Xtardew Valley

Xtardew Valley in Stardew Valley.

It is impossible to ignore Xtardew Valley when talking about the best sex mods for Stardew Valley. Xtardew Valley is one of the most popular mods in the game nowadays. This modification entirely changes the game, adding a tonne of adult content into the farming simulator.

By installing Xtardew Valley, not only you but even random villagers will be able to have sex in various locations over the world. So, don't be surprised if you spot some lovely couple having sex at The Spa, near the house, and in various other exciting locations over the world. You can be sure that you will never get bored playing Stardew Valley with the Xtardew mod.

The Only One For Me

The Only One For Me in Stardew Valley.

The Only One For Me is one of the hottest modifications you can download for Stardew Valley nowadays. It adds over a thousand lines of flirtatious dialogue for Sebastian and Abigail. Honestly, the developers have done a great job on this modification.

They tried to make all dialogue as realistic as possible. You will feel like you're talking with real people, not in-game characters. Also, remember that this mod is perfectly combined with other mods. So, you can quickly end the flirting dialogue with Abigail with sex in your house if you install additional mods.

Nude Girls

Nude Girls in Stardew Valley.

Nude Girls is one of the best mods to implement a sexy atmosphere into Stardew Valley. Installing this mod makes all female characters in the game undressed. Also, Nude Girls mode adds various sexual portraits and sex scenes to the game, transforming the legendary farming simulator into a mini-sex video game.

The main advantage of the Nude Girls mod is that this modification provides you with comprehensive customisation options. You can easily opt for the hottest outfits for various female NPCs according to your preferences.

Nude Bachelors

Nude Bachelors is an alternative to Nude Girls modification for females. Installing the Nude Bachelors mod makes all male NPCs in the game undressed. Even from the beginning stages of the game, all primary heroes will be naked. If you combine this modification with the Nude Girls mod, you will undress all game heroes.


Red Dress Leah

Red Dress Leah in Stardew Valley.

Leah is considered one of the hottest girls in Stardew Valley. Even though many don't like her, sexy mods for Leah are some of the most popular mods in the game. Moreover, there is plenty of adult content with Leah on the internet.

The Red Dress Leah mod allows you to dress this woman according to your preferences. You can dress her in a glamorous red dress and get her naked within a few seconds. If you want, feel free to combine this mod with any other Stardew Valley mods.

Phone Themes

Phone Themes is a modification that allows you to improve the Mobile Phone Mod in Stardew Valley significantly. The modification adds 78 unique phone themes, including 156 nude photos of Stardew Valley characters. There are not only female but also naked male themes. So you can easily find the most attractive photo for you. Also, remember that modification does not affect the functionality of your phone. It only changes the background image. Moreover, the developer might add new photos to this mod soon.

Nude Valley

Nude Valley is a unique combination of the Nude Bachelors and Nude Girls mods. Installing this modification undresses all NPCs in the game. Moreover, the developers remade the model of every character in the game. Therefore, even heroes who use cloth as a necessary attribute of their appearance will get undressed by installing Nude Valley modification. The only disadvantage of this mod is that it does not provide as many options as Nude Bachelors and Nude Girls.


Sexy Clint

Sexy Clint in Stardew Valley.

If you head to various forums, you will discover that Clint is considered the hottest male character in Stardew Valley. He looks really masculine, attracting the attention of girls. Installing the Sexy Clint mod will make him shirtless, showing his perfect body shape. The only disadvantage is that it is impossible to marry Clint playing Stardew Valley.

Nude Mermaid

Even though Nude Mermaid is the last mod in this list, it is still worth your attention. Installing the Nude Mermaid mod will make all Mermaids in Stardew Valley naked.

That’s it for the best Stardew Valley sex mods for 2023. Also, remember that you can easily combine nude mods with other Stardew Valley mods to reach the best experience. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to feed chickens in Stardew Valley!