Stardew Valley: How To Get To Ginger Island

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Update 1.5 of Stardew Valley brought plenty of new content to the solo developer title, including bug fixes, items and more. One addition, in particular, is very interesting, Ginger Island. This is a brand new region within the game, part of the Fern Islands. The question is, how do you get there? It's not as straight forward as you may think...

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How To Get To Ginger Island

Repairing Willy's Boat

To get to Ginger Island you'll need to use Willy the fisherman's boat, though there's a catch. The boat isn't in the best condition and needs repairs before you can use it. If update 1.5 is installed you should get a note from Willy asking for his help to fix the boat. Bear in mind that you'll need to have finished the Community Center restoration or the Joja Market development quests before Willy will request your help.

Start by heading to his house and find a door at the back that wasn't there originally, open it. Inside you'll see the boat and Willy will now ask you to fix it, though he doesn't have the materials to do so, it's up to you to collect them! There are a few things that will need repairing, to fix the boat itself you need 200 pieces of hardwood, for the anchor you need 5 iridium bars and for the ticket machine you need 5 battery packs.


To get these materials might be a bit of a feat for some players but to get hardwood you can chop down mahogany trees, logs and tree stumps. You can get yourself battery packs by placing lighting rods on your farm which will produce battery packs during thunderstorms, otherwise, the Traveling Merchant sometimes has them. Iridium can be gathered in a multitude of ways, once you have it you'll need to smelt the ore to create a bar.

Once you have all of these resources you'll want to return to Willy and unfortunately, after all that hard work, you'll also have to pay 1,000G. After one day in the game, you will be able to use the boat to Ginger Island whenever you like at a fee.

What To Do At Ginger Island

You can meet a new NPC on Ginger Island, Leo. He's a very shy individual so to gain a relationship with him, you'll have interacted with the birds around the island. You can even start a new farm on the island, you'll have to restore the island farmhouse though but once that's done you can use 10 golden walnuts to make the trader's hut, this will allow you to start a tropical farm, the best part is that all crops can be grown no matter what season you're in! Probably the most exciting new addition to the game is the volcano dungeon, get ready to battle it out with new enemies and discover new items! We don't want to spoil anymore to look forward to, so you'll have to discover the rest yourself.


That's how to get to Ginger Island but if you're unsure on how to get Iridium and want more of a walkthrough then you can find our guide here.