Star Wars Hunters - Release date speculation, gameplay, characters, and everything we know

Image of the Star Wars Hunters logo.

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Star Wars video game developer Lucasfilm Games revealed a brand-new title during the Nintendo Direct presentation that took place in February 2021. It's an all-new multiplayer arena combat game set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The game will be free to download and will also feature cross-platform play. You don't often see competitive Star Wars games aside from your average shooter, so Hunters looks set to do something completely different with the franchise. For everything you need to know about Star Wars: Hunters, read on!

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Latest news

13 September 2022 -

We saw a brief glimpse of Star Wars Hunters gameplay at the Disney and Marvel gaming showcase at D23, but nothing new in terms of details. Following a recent delay to 2023, it's still looking far off.

10 May 2022 -

Star Wars day came and went, but sadly there was no new information on Star Wars Hunters. As such, we can only imagine that a release is still quite far away in the future.

15 February 2022 -

Star Wars Hunters has revealed some new characters, maps, and Huttball – a fan-favourite mode from The Old Republic – which is coming to the game.

For those who don't know, Huttball is an 8-on-8 mode, similar to Capture the Flag from most multiplayer games. You can also see two of the new characters joining the game on the image below. This includes Skora (a doctor from the Rodian species, who can heal allies) as well as Sprocket, a tech genius who controls droids for offensive and defensive purposes. Find out more here.

Image of playable characters in Star Wars Hunters.
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6 August 2021 -

Zynga’s Star Wars: Hunters has been delayed from 2021 to 2022, but at the time of writing there's no specific window for the game.

13 September 2021 -

Star Wars Hunters images popped up online thanks to a Facebook ad (via Daily Star Wars Games), giving us a new glimpse at the UI, some of the hunters, and a bit of the customization. There's Storm Troopers, Wookies, Jawas, and what looks like a random assortment of droids and other galactic vagabonds. You'll be able to customize your hunter as well, even down to (apparently) stacking Jawas on top of each other and sending them out to fight.

Still no word on a Star Wars Hunters release date, though.

Star Wars Hunters release date speculation

Update: The game has been delayed to an unspecified 2023 launch.

According to the short reveal trailer, Star Wars: Hunters was first slated to release at some point in 2021.  A more specific release date has yet to be revealed, so be sure to bookmark this page for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Star Wars Hunters trailer 

You can check it out below.

Star Wars Hunters characters

According to the press release for the game, players will be able to build a diverse squad featuring brand-new and unique Star Wars characters.

Ranging from "daring bounty hunters to heroes of the Rebellion and Imperial stormtroopers", Star Wars: Hunters will contain plenty of characters to join forces with and to take down the opposition.

Star Wars Hunters developer

Star Wars: Hunters is being developed by UK-based development studio NaturalMotion Games.

The mobile developer has created several popular titles including CSR Racing 2 and Dawn of Titans

Star Wars Hunters pre-order

With Star Wars: Hunters being a free game across all of its platforms, there's no need to pre-order it!

Simply wait until its release date and head to the store to download the game to your device.

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