Star Wars Hunters Announces New Characters, Maps, and Hutball Mode

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Star Wars Hunters isn’t out yet, but the free-to-play shooter is shaping up to be something promising. We've now learned that new characters, maps, and Huttball – a fan-favourite mode from The Old Republic – are coming to the game.

Huttball is an 8-on-8 mode, similar to Capture the Flag from most multiplayer games, with players needing to carry their ball and reach the opposing team’s goal to win. GameSpot confirmed with Natural Motion's head, Jeff Hickman, that Hunters' version of Huttball will be 4-on-4 and should feel familiar to The Old Republic players.

Star Wars Hunters Announces New Characters, Maps, and Hutball Mode

Furthermore, Hunters confirmed two new characters are joining the fray; Skora and Sprocket. Skora is a doctor from the Rodian species, who can heal allies with her medkit and deal damage when necessary. Meanwhile, Sprocket is a tech genius who controls droids for offensive and defensive purposes.

Maps confirmed for Hunters include Dusty Ridge, which is designed for Huttball games, alongside The Great Hunt, an escort area in the Tatooine desert. Star Wars Hunters launches this year on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, though no specific release date has been announced.

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