Sprite Fantasia Codes - Free Gems and Gacha Tickets

Wondering where and how to redeem your Sprite Fantasia codes? You can go the entire game without seeing it, missing out on a bunch of in-game rewards for not seeking it out. Here's how to find it, along with a bunch of codes you can use right now to gain some in-game advantages for free.

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All Working Sprite Fantasia Codes

  • PS68RGNJ334H - One Memory Card Gacha Ticket (NEW)
  • 7BJFDNS4RXFM - 50 Prism Gems and a Costume Gacha Ticket
  • 7BDKCSSSF6FN - One Memory Card Gacha Ticket
  • VIP111 - 25 Prism Gems
  • VIP777 - Costume Gacha Ticket
  • VIP888 - 25 Prism Gems
  • VIP999 - Memory Card Gacha Ticket
  • SP777 - Memory Card Gacha Ticket

The codes below were last checked and confirmed expired on December 2, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • No Sprite Fantasia codes have expired yet.
A visual representation showing how to redeem Sprite Fantasia codes.
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How Do I Redeem Sprite Fantasia Codes?

  • Log in to the game
  • Clear the tutorial section with Alice
  • Tap the button peeking out of the top-left side of the screen
  • Tap the present icon
  • Tap the 'Redeem' button
  • Enter your code in the resulting menu
  • Hit redeem

Got a code you want to use? Just follow the steps above to redeem your Sprite Fantasia codes and claim a bunch of free in-game rewards. You can do this within the first few minutes of starting up the game. You don't even need to reach the end of the tutorial.

Just look for the hidden menu icon tucked away in the top-left section of the screen, and you'll be able to use it to bring up the Sprite Fantasia code redemption menu.

What Do Sprite Fantasia Codes Give You?

The current Sprite Fantasia codes give premium currency and free gacha pulls, but it's too early to say how long this will continue or what other in-game goods they might offer in the future.

The game has only just launched on both mobile and PC. Developers tend to wait a little while to issue codes due to just how many free rewards are handed out at the start of gameplay. Once more people start to run low on initial in-game materials to build their character, Sprite Fantasia codes will likely arrive to encourage everyone to grind just that little bit more.


We can speculate as to what Sprite Fantasia codes will give, though. The game has a bunch of moving parts. With plenty of costumes and housing items to obtain, there's a lot more to it than your standard MMORPG character growth game.

Expect Sprite Fantasia codes to give not only gacha pulls and items used to boost your character but also furniture for your house, and maybe even some free and limited-time outfits and cosmetics to help you customize your character.

How Do I Get More Sprite Fantasia Codes?

The last big Sprite Fantasia code was given out as a reward for sharing recipes on Discord. It served as proof that more Sprite Fantasia codes would be published with enough player support, as requested on the launch Facebook code post. So if you want more Sprite Fantasia codes, that's the way to do it.

You can use the Survey option to get more Sprite Fantasia codes and rewards.
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How Do I Get More Sprite Fantasia Freebies?


Alongside the Sprite Fantasia code menu is a curious little 'Survey' button. There's nothing on there yet, so don't worry about accidentally tapping it on your way to redeem some codes, but it's certainly there for a reason.

As players give feedback and the developer contemplates new features, fresh surveys will populate this menu for players to weigh in on the changes and convey what they'd like to see implemented in future game updates. This kind of valuable data collection is usually rewarded with freebies.

Make it a habit to tap the button each day and you'll come across a survey every once in a while. Fill it out and you should get some worthwhile rewards for free.

You can also keep an eye on the game's social media channels. They're always posting new competitions on the Sprite Fantasia Facebook page. Enter those and you'll have the chance to keep freebies flowing in.

What's New In the Latest Sprite Fantasia Patch Notes?

  • Destiny Theatre event items Vaine Mask, Crystalbloom, and Acting Champion Trophy can be sold to shops
  • The Paragon Battlefield event has ended
  • A Thanksgiving event has started
    • The Thanksgiving Pass has been added until December 16
  • Vilefiend Spire 11-15F (drops Level 60+ items)
  • LV66 10th Fate Emissary
  • A "Hot Pot" event has begun until December 1
  • Other shop events have been added

The latest Sprite Fantasia patch issued on November 24 added new themed events, plenty of premium item shop bonuses, new bosses, and made it so Destiny Theatre items can be sold to in-game shops.