Sons Of The Forest Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

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Endnight Games is teasing more content about Sons of the Forest, their next game after the hit The Forest. The developers are slowly revealing more details about the Sons Of The Forest, though we still have a while to wait before the release date. Endnight said they plan on releasing Sons of the Forest sometime in mid-2022, but we're hopeful more details will start emerging before then. For now, here's everything we know about Sons of the Forest.

Latest News

30 November, 2021 -


Endnight announced the Sons of the Forest release date through a new trailer highlighting some of the game's gruesome foes. Sons of the Forest will launch May 20, 2022, for PC. There's no word yet when a console release date might happen.

The trailer, which is exclusive to IGN, shows a few of the monstrosities awaiting us in the woods, teases more of the plot and science gone wrong, and ends with a fight against a new creature, one that apparently spews dead babies at you because of course it does.

Sons Of The Forest Release Date

According to the developer's official Twitter page, Endnight are planning to release the game in 2022. Originally, Endnight Games were aiming for a 2021 release but decided that the game needed more development time.


Endnight also confirmed that this game will be a direct sequel to The Forest. Similar to the previous game, players will land in a unfamiliar forest after a plane crash. However, it's not your average woodland. This forest is crawling with unusual humanoid creatures that threaten to kill every survivor. It's up to you to get to the bottom of things and investigate the mysterious forest while hopefully not becoming its next victim.

Sons Of The Forest Gameplay

The developers have also released two trailers which showcases the early gameplay footage of the 2022 title of Endnight Games. The first trailer is a cinematic one from the perspective of a crash survivor venturing into a forest and witnessing some of the humanoid creatures that want to eat you.


Meanwhile, the second trailer showcases some of the gameplay, including combat with one of the monsters in the forest.

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Sons Of The Forest Lore

The second trailer also includes a bit of Sons of the Forest's the lore, teasing a well-furnished, but messy laboratory inside an underground bunker.


In the previous game, players could opt to investigate the mysterious forest to understand the sources of the cannibals and monsters they faced there. As players uncover the truth, they find their character is also part of to a story connected to the forest and its violent denizens.

If the Sons Of The Forest follow this, it's possible that this sequel could also pick up on a similar thread as the monsters revealed in the trailer are highly reminiscent of the ones found in the first game.

The Game Awards 2021 airs December 8 and promises plenty of new trailers and world reveals, and hopefully, Sons of the Forest will be one of them.