Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Tier List

It's not exactly a shock, but sniping is the focus in Sniper Elite 5. Whether at long range or short, you'll need the right rifle for the situation. To help you out when picking, we've got a Sniper Elite 5 best sniper tier list covering all of the options.

It's worth knowing up front that you have to work to unlock some of the snipers. You get one from the start and others as you play through the game, with latter ones requiring you to complete the optional kill list objectives in missions.

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Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Tier List

Sniper Rifle
M1903 and M1A Carbine
Gewehr 1943, Karabiner 98
RSC 1918

We've broken the six Sniper Elite 5 sniper rifles down into the sniper tier list above, with the point

Due to shorter range snipers being better in some situations, the Sniper Elite 5 sniper rifle tier list is incredibly fluid. Some will be better for certain levels than others, but there are certain weapons out there that are balanced enough to be great all-round picks.

While some are always better than others, it's worth checking out the stats and using short-range rifles when necessary.

A Tier

The starter sniper, the M1903 is extremely reliable. It's not the quickest, meaning you can't track running enemies easily, but it's powerful and has barely any bullet drop, which makes it nice and easy to use.

The M1A Carbine is the best option for short-range sniping and people who like to go in a little more guns blazing.

Unless you hit headshots, it won't kill from range, but it's so quick that you can double-tap those baddies. The downside to that approach? You'll burn through ammo.

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B Tier

Suitable classed as an all-rounder, the Srem-1 isn't that quick, but it's powerful and has a decent fire rate, making it useful in the many medium-range fights you'll find yourself in across the campaign.

C Tier

The Gewehr 1943 has a great fire rate, but it's somehow also slow to use, making the good fire rate somewhat useless. It's good at range, but not the most powerful. It's strengths on paper are somewhat made useless by its weaknesses.

The Karabiner 98 is immensely powerful and will kill at range without any issue. The issue is, it's really slow, so can't be used in some of Sniper Elite 5's more compact levels.

D Tier

Finally, the RSC 1918 is the worst sniper in the game. It's showcased as a close-range sniper, but it's slow to fire and slow to move around, which makes the short-range use almost redundant.

If Rebelllion adds any more snipers to Sniper Elite 5, we'll be sure to update the tier list here, so be sure to check back. For now, though, check out the best sniper rifles in Warzone if you're just in the mood to channel your inner marksman.

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