Sniper Elite 5: How to Heal and Use Medkits

While the Sniper Elite games are mostly about the considered approach, taking it slow to sneak past enemies, sometimes firefights are unavoidable. If you take damage from some of the nazis you're fighting, you'll need to know how to heal in Sniper Elite 5 and how to use things like Medkits. We're here with a guide on how to do exactly that.

You'll want to keep your health filled up just in case you get overwhelmed with enemies and need to fight your way out. The bad guys aren't the most dangerous, but get attacked by a few at once and you'll be in trouble.

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How to Get Healing Items

Thankfully, healing items in Sniper Elite 5 are pretty easy to get. Not only can you set them to be part of your loadout from the start of a mission, but we've found that almost every enemy carries bandages for you to loot. First-aid is important.

And if they're not enough, you'll find medkits in a lot of rooms and armouries: be sure to grab them when you do.

You'll also quickly unlock the ability to use a medkit when you're downed by an enemy to get you back into the action fast. You'll actually get this prompt whether you have one on hand or not. Clearly the game just likes to remind you that you should always have triage on your mind.

The AI in Sniper Elite 5 isn't the best, so they'll let you get up and carry on fighting without too much resistance. Despite what you're likely to do to them, enemies don't seem to know what an execution shot is. They're happy to let you patch yourself up.

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How to Heal in Sniper Elite 5

You don't heal automatically over time in Sniper Elite 5, at least not past the final health segment. Instead, you'll have to heal manually whenever you get the chance.

You'll get access to both medkits and bandages from very early in the game's campaign and you'll need to use those to heal at the right times.

Bandages refill a small part of your health bar and medkits refill most of it, but the latter takes longer to use than the former.

How to Use Medkits and Bangades

As for how to actually use medkits and bandages in Sniper Elite 5 once you have them, you first need to hold L1/LB to bring up the gear and weapon wheel.

Then, use the right thumbstick to select either of the healing items at around 10 o'clock on the wheel.

Once selected, you'll see the icon for them down by your weapon in the bottom right corner of the screen, which shows you have them equipped as your action gear item.

Then, to use medkits or bandages, you need to hold R1/RB, at which point a wheel will fill up in the centre of the screen, Fortnite style. Once that's done, you'll have some of your health back. Good luck out there.

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