Sniper Elite 5: How Long It Takes To Beat and Full Mission List

Sniper Elite 5 is finally here much to the excitement of fans waiting to land some deadly long-range snipes onto some unsuspecting opposition. The latest chapter from Rebellion offers a brand-new single-player campaign packed with new levels to complete. As players begin the story, some are wondering how long it takes to complete Sniper Elite 5.

As expected, the game features plenty of missions and optional objectives to complete which can increase the overall playtime. With plenty to work through, there's a chance it will take a while to finish.

Before we take a look at the Sniper Elite 5 mission list in addition to its campaign length, be sure to check out our other guides on how to play co-op, how to get a Silencer, and our full review on whether the game is worth playing.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Sniper Elite 5?

The time it takes to complete Sniper Elite 5 depends on a number of factors ranging from your choice of difficulty to your style of play. Some prefer to run and gun the opposition while others like a more methodical and patient approach to landing their shots.

In addition, there are plenty of side missions to complete alongside the main storyline. If you decide to work through all the main objectives, the Sniper Elite 5 campaign takes around 12 hours to complete.

If you want to work through all of the side missions and kill lists alongside the main story, it takes a little longer to finish. For finishing all that Sniper Elite 5 has to offer, it takes at least 20 hours of playtime.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission List

Including the epilogue, there are eight missions to complete in Sniper Elite 5. They offer a variety of settings as Karl Fairburne drops into various locations to halt the Nazi operation. Here's the full Sniper Elite 5 mission list:

  1. The Atlantic Wall
  2. Occupied Residence
  3. Spy Academy
  4. War Factory
  5. Festung Guernsey
  6. Libération
  7. Secret Weapon
  8. Rubble and Ruin
  9. Loose Ends (Epilogue

Season Pass holders will receive additional missions as part of Rebellion's post-launch content plans. Once we hear more information on any new missions that appear, we will update the list.

That's all we know about how long it takes to complete Sniper Elite 5 and the full mission list available in the base version of the game. For more, check out our page for all the latest news and guides!

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