Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op: How to Play With Friends

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Sniper Elite 5's campaign is all about slowly making your way through levels undetected as a lone assassin. However, the game features co-op if you fancy causing a little more havoc with a friend in tow. The process of setting up the co-op matches is a little tricky though, so we're here with a guide on how to play with friends in Sniper Elite 5's co-op and what other options there are for multiplayer in the game.

From the main menu, you'll find the 'Host Co-op Game' and 'Find Co-Op Game' tiles just below the campaign button. Selecting the latter just matchmakes you with a random co-op game - which rarely ends well - so the former is probably what you're after.

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How to Invite Friends to Co-Op in Sniper Elite 5

If you're hosting a game, you can select 'Invite Friend' from the Host Co-op Game menu. That will bring up a list of the friends online on the platform you're playing on. Just select whoever you want to play with, fire off an invite, and wait for them to join.

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You can then select the mission you want to play through in co-op and set up all the rules for it.

You'll also see an Invite Code on this menu screen when choosing who to invite: that's what you'll need to enable the Sniper Elite 5 crossplay functionality for inviting friends from other consoles.

Crossplay & Invite Codes

Since you can't just pick a player and invite them if they're playing on a different system, you'll have to use the Sniper Elite 5 crossplay features.

If you send the Invite Code to the player you want to play with on another platform, they can then press triangle (or their platform's equivalent) to open up the social menu, and input the code there.

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That should see them join your lobby so that you can still jump into a co-op match together.

Is There Split-Screen Local Co-Op in Sniper Elite 5

Unfortunately, online co-op is the only way to play with friends in Sniper Elite 5. Much like the previous games in the series, there is no local co-op or splitscreen mode for you to play.

The developers have said nothing on the topic, so it's presumably not something it'll just patch in down the line either.. If that changes though, we'll be sure to update you here with all the details on how to play it. For now, you're stuck jumping into online co-op with a friend who has also bought the game. For Xbox players, though, it's on Xbox Game Pass as a freebie.

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