Persona 5 Joins The Sims Thanks to Modders

All the main characters from Persona 5 Royal

Despite leaving the PS Plus Collection soon, Persona 5 and the Phantom Thieves are causing one hell of a stir with their upcoming release on Switch and Xbox Game Pass.

That's not all, though. The Sims' modding scene clearly has the phantom fever if recently-released mods are any indication.

That's right, following the creation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in-game, the community has brought the protagonists from Persona 5 to The Sims. They're pretty similar story-wise, to be fair - everything's a bit of a simulation.

The Shujin Academy outfit from Persona 5 in The Sims 4
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The Phantom Thieves Become Sims

When I first finished Persona 5, I was desperate for more. I'd just spent a disgusting number of hours with my boy Ryuji - how am I supposed to just not go eat ramen or gym with the absolute legend?

Well, I should've waited to play it, as now, there's an immediate alternative. Thanks to a series of mods by Cryptiam, you can deck your Sims out in costumes inspired by the iconic Phantom Thieves of Hearts from Persona 5 in The Sims 4.

The Persona 5 CC - Shujin Academy Pants and Skirt is a more recent addition along with Makoto, Mishima, and Shiho, but there's plenty in the modder's back catalogue to create your very own version of Shibuya in The Sims.

Got a job as a doctor and want to make bad decisions with your trial subjects? Tae Takemi cosplay is perfect for you. Or maybe you want her punky spider web outfit for going out on the town? No worries at all - you can wear it in 12 colours and regardless of gender.

Of course, you have the classics including Joker, Ann, Yusuke, Haru, and even Persona 5 Christmas jumpers to keep the heart-stealing festive during the most wonderful time of the year.

You can even add the beautiful Sayuri painting to your house decor - just make sure it's the real version or you'll have to fight a secret extra boss!

Let us know how you'll be dressing your Phantom Thieves! The dream is an official crossover to allow the students to just live a chilled, normal life. They deserve that much, the poor kids. Failing that though, The Sims 4's modding scene is a real gem!

Anyway, keep an eye on our pages for all the latest info on The Sims 4, including community discussions about bugs and frustrating features and gorgeous recreations of the Love Island villa!

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