Sims Players Discuss Features and Bugs that Make Them Rage

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There are much more frustrating games out there than The Sims (Elden Ring anyone?), but that doesn’t mean those in the world of picket fences and diamond logos have it easy.

After all, being a God lording over a household of people closely resembling your own family, a villa full of this year’s Love Island contestants or your own Binley Mega Chippy isn’t all smiles and rainbows.

This has been shown to be true by a recent Reddit thread, which saw Sims players share what makes them go red in the face and start steaming from the ears.

Sims Players Share What Really Grinds Their Gears

The thread in the subreddit r/thesims, which began with user charlotteloumorgan asking other players to recall the moment in the game that’s made them rage the hardest, saw a wide range of responses.

Many of these followed the general theme of sims doing weird things or just plain refusing to do what they’re supposed to, with user Hopeful_Cockroach kicking things off by saying: “whenever simulation lag kicks in, they just stand there smiling like an idiot in front of the object they are supposed to use”.

Sadly, even when sims do stop just standing around things can get even worse, as user helen7188 suggested, recounting an instance when a father and a nanny got stuck in a loop of carrying two twin babies in and out of a house that was on fire, while also refusing to put the fire out.

“Never experienced so much rage at a game.”, said helen7188, “(I) couldn’t stop it. (I) couldn’t speed up time. Nothing at all but sit there and watch the baby conveyor belt.”

User beigecurtains shared an arguably more tragic tale of being unable to prevent almost everyone in a town they’d hand-crafted for a long-term playthrough from being wiped out by a meteor striking a school.

Meanwhile, user ClosetedGothAdult was left without words when one of their sims wouldn’t leave the kitchen, saying: “that glitch that was causing sims to endlessly make white cakes. One time my sim missed school and work to make 21 cakes instead”.

On the other hand, user Th33nd1sN33R said: “I got mad because my sim would not catch fire. I had so many rugs on the floor and fireplaces everywhere. She would not die, that was probably the maddest I ever got because I rage quit after that and stopped playing for a few days.”

Regardless of what inexplicable things your sims have done to make you tear your hair out over the years, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates when new content arrives.

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