Sims 4 - How to stream and get followers in High School Years

A Sim streaming in High School Years

A Sim streaming in High School Years

What teen doesn't want an easy and fun career? Sims has finally added modern-day jobs, or side-hustles, that your Sims can get into from a young age. Here's how to stream in Sims 4 and get followers as a Streamer in High School Years.

The Streamers come alongside the Simfluencers, where teens can work remotely or attend their job, and use social media and advertising to their advantage. They'll gain the valuable Entrepreneur skill, and build on it as they progress, even making a business plan all by themselves.

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How how to stream in Sims 4

Streamer set up in High School Years
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Setting up your Sim with the Streamer side-hustle career is super easy. Have them search for a job, and select the Streamer option. you can choose whether to do it early in the morning, or late at night - it will only be a couple of hours each day.

The job itself is a rabbit hole, so your Sim will disappear and then return unless you choose to work from home. The daily task for the career is to do a live stream, and you can do as many as you like in a day.

To do this, you'll need a desk, chair, and computer. Click the computer, head to 'Career', and choose the option to 'Livestream [game title]'. Your Sim will then stream for all to see. You'll get a notification afterward summing up how it went and how many followers you gained. You can choose to advertise your streams, too, to get a few more viewers and hopefully, tips.

High School Years bonus items
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The chair, funky wall lights, and speaker that are associated with the streamer career (though not needed, they're just aesthetic) are early-purchase freebies; you'll get them as long as you purchase the pack before September 8, 2022.

How to get followers as a streamer in Sims 4

Streamer options on the computer.
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There is no specific way to gain followers other than just complete live streams and continue the career. You can advertise your streams, and talk to other Sims about it, but there is no specific activity that will gain more followers other than streaming.

The more you progress in the career, the more popular you will be, and the more followers you will get from each stream. There are two promotions available to gain.

Note that you can actually get banned in this career, and so will be stopped from working - if you get a pop-up about your Sim accepting a large tip, don't do it. You'll likely get banned from streaming for a while and will lose precious donations and followers!

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