How to prank in Sims 4 High School Years

sims 4, how to prank

sims 4, how to prank

High School is a wild world. You can make friends, break friends, and build any kind of reputation for yourself. Perhaps you're feeling rambunctious and want to be known for mischief? Look no further: here's how to prank in Sims 4 High School Years expansion.

The latest expansion features the new world of Copperdale, and its pride and joy: Copperdale High School. Complete with a football field and auditorium, players can now follow along with their young Sims' day as they learn more than just the curriculum.

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How to prank in Sims 4 High School Years

High school wouldn't be high school without its fair share of japes and jokes, and EA has recognised this by adding more pranks to the game. The High School Years expansion pack has even more tomfoolery on top of the classics such as the hand buzzer and prank calls.

You'll need to obtain and improve both Mischief and Logic skills to pull off pranks successfully, and to learn more as you go.

Note that pulling these pranks can not only damage your relationships with other Sims, but can possibly lead to detention or expulsion if caught. They can even lead to worse fates...

Prank the Whiteboard

Mischievous Sims can sneak into empty classrooms and lay some tricks for the next class. One such thing is pranking the whiteboards that teachers use.

You can't do this while class is in session, but once the teacher's gone you can go in, click the whiteboard, and get to drawing some silly things.

Stink Capsules

Your Sim can opt to plant Stink Capsules in any locker they find - even their own. Click the locker, and it'll be the only option that pops up for other people's lockers. Your Sim will then start sneakily creating the stink capsule with a screwdriver, before putting it in the locker.

You can get caught while making the capsule as it isn't very secretive, and it can backfire leaving your Sim 'self-stinked' for a few hours.

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Bloody Mary

This one isn't so much of a prank as something Sims can do to test their mettle. They can stand in front of a mirror and try the urban legend of calling Bloody Mary's name three times. There is a chance nothing will happen, but there is also a chance that she will pop up and scare your Sims.

There is also an option to prank the PA system, but this is linked to a pop-up that can randomly show up - Sims cannot begin the prank themselves. The pop-up will ask if your Sim wants to add to the fun by joining the prank, or stay clear of the mischief.

Can Sims die from a prank?

Sims 4 Grim Reaper
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Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, your teenage Sims can die from pranks. Once the 'Bloody Mary' prank is invoked, Sims can simply die of fear.

Your Sims can actually die from the Stink Capsules, too. If it goes wrong while making the capsule, your Sim can choke to death on the toxic fumes. Not the best way to go, really!

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