Sims 4 High School Years Cheats

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sims 4, high school years cheats
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Sims and cheats go hand in hand, and every pack adds new codes for us to try and to make our Sims' lives that bit easier. Here are the new Sims 4 High School Years cheats.

High School Years has brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the game by adding a new skill, traits, modern jobs, and a ton of clothes and furniture items. That's not to mention the new gameplay involved with going to school, too! These cheats will help your teens succeed in style - and your adults, for that matter.


To help your Sims along, here's our page on the best mods for realistic gameplay, and a full list of cheats to really amp up your game. We've also ranked all of the Expansion Packs including High School Years, so you can judge which packs to purchase.

Sims 4 High School Years Cheats

On top of skill, money, friendship, and career cheats we recommend the newly added ones specific to the HSY expansion pack. We've divided them up into sections so they're easy to find.

High School Cheats

Sims graduation ceremony

Here are some handy cheats to improve, or destroy, your young Sim's school career:

Action Cheat
Become the Copperdale High School Valedictoriantraits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_graduate_valedictorian
Drop out of schooltraits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_dropout
Get expelled from schooltraits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_expelled
Graduate Copperdale High with honorstraits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_graduate_honors
Graduate Copperdale High earlytraits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_graduate_early

Influencer Side-Hustle

One of the new part-time jobs or 'side-hustles' in High School Years is the Simfluencer. As the name suggests, this will have Sims making videos and reviews of their life, taking selfies, and influencing those around them.


These cheats will promote and demote them in their career:

Age Cheat
Teen careers.promote teen_simsfluencersidehustle
Teen careers.demote teen_simsfluencersidehustle
Adultcareers.promote parttime_simsfluencersidehustle
Adultcareers.demote parttime_simsfluencersidehustle

Streamer Side-Hustle

A Sim streaming

The second new part-time career that Sims can get is the Streamer. This requires a computer, and will have them live-streaming games at a certain time each day. You can raise or lower their job levels with the following cheats:

Age Cheat
Teencareers.promote teen_streamersidehustle
Teencareers.demote teen_streamersidehustle
Adultcareers.promote parttime_streamersidehustle
Adultcareers.demote parttime_streamersidehustle

Entrepreneur Skill

High School Years has added a new skill for Sims to work on: the Entrepreneur skill. This is gained from selling items like art, outfits, or even just going to work.


This skill cheat works on teens and adults and will raise the skill to your desired level from 1-5, depending on which number you put in:

  • stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur [Number 1-5]

There's also this cheat, to get an extra boost on your career with The Knowledge trait:

  • traits.equip_trait trait_entrepreneur_theknowledge

After-School Activities

Sims after-school activities

Another new addition with the High School Years expansion pack is the after-school activities that Sims can join. These are not viewable, and work like jobs, so are rabbit holes where Sims will attend alone and return home afterward.

The three activities are Cheer, Football, and Chess Team. You can promote your Sims in each activity using these cheats, and get some benefits:

Action Cheat
Cheer team promotioncareers.promote hsteam_cheerteam
Cheer team reward - Cheer Champion – gain Fitness skills fastertraits.equip_trait trait_reward_hsteam_cheerteam
Chess team promotioncareers.promote hsteam_chessteam
Chess team reward - Chess Master – gain Logic skills fastertraits.equip_trait trait_reward_hsteam_chessteam
Computer team promotioncareers.promote hsteam_computerteam
Computer team reward - L33T Hacker - gain Programming skills fastertraits.equip_trait trait_reward_hsteam_computerteam
Football team promotioncareers.promote hsteam_footballteam
Football team reward - Star Player – gain Fitness skills fastertraits.equip_trait trait_reward_hsteam_footballteam

Sentiment Cheats

In High School Years, there are wants and fears back again, and some of these are linked to social standing and sentiments between Sims. These were added way back near the game's release, but there are a few new ones added in the high school pack.

You can use these cheats to modify relationships between Sims, and create Sentiments between them. You'll need to use this cheat, followed by the codes below:

  • modifyrelationship [Sim 1] [Sim 2] 100 sentimenttrack_

For example, let's say you want Sidney Price and Molly Prescott to be good friends. You could use the following:

  • modifyrelationship Sidney Price Molly Prescott 100 sentimenttrack_close_lt_twopeasinapod

This will form the 'Two Peas in a Pod' sentiment between them. Here are the other Sentiment cheats you can add to the end of the cheat:

Sentiment Cheat
Hurt about Broken Prom Promisehurt_st_hsprom_brokenditchpromise
Bonding Momentclose_st_throwfootballbondingmoment
Good First Impressionclose_st_goodfirstimpression
Guilty about Broken Prom Pactguilty_st_hsprom_brokenpact
Bitter About No Prom Invitebitter_st_hsprom_noprominvite
They Understandclose_lt_theyunderstand
They’ve Got My Backclose_lt_iknowtheyvegotmyback
Two Peas in a Podclose_lt_twopeasinapod

Trait Cheats

Here are some other Trait cheats to buff your Sims' performance and how they are seen by the world:

Action Cheat
Relatable – Relatable Sims build friendly relationships with fellow teens faster.traits.equip_trait trait_relatable
Untroubled - Untroubled Sims always bounce back. Being a Drama Llama an leave relationships rocky. Nothing says carefree like moving on and letting go.traits.equip_trait trait_untroubled
Dauntless - Dauntless Sims always live life to the fullest and the Grim Reaper has a soft spot for dauntless pleas during matters of life and death. Risky fun sure has its perks.traits.equip_trait trait_dauntless
Highflier - Highflier Sims have the potential to be more successful, especially in business.traits.equip_trait trait_highflier
Iconic - Iconic Sims are the ones everyone wants to follow. They’ve earned the admiration of their peers and can now set their sights anywhere on the world wide web.traits.equip_trait trait_iconic
Authentic Prankster - Your Sim has reached peak Mischievousness at such a young age that she can reap the reward. They can now continue Teen pranks even after growing up, no longer gets caught pranking, and has an easier time doing funny or mischief socials.traits.equip_trait trait_teenpranks_prankster

With all the new changes coming to the base game, check out our guide on the best mods to improve gameplay to help iron out some of the issues. Also, here's what we know about the mysterious Sims 5!