Sims 4 High School Years - How to Pass Exams

Sims 4 exams taking place in school

Sims 4 exams taking place in school

The central focus of high school is, as we all know, soaking up that all-important information so you can pass exams. High School Years is no different, so here's how to pass exams in Sims 4.

The latest expansion features the new pride of Copperdale: Copperdale High School. It has its own football field and auditorium, and players can now follow along with their young Sims' day as they learn more than the standard subjects.

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How to Pass Exams in Sims 4 High School Years

Sims 4 exams taking place in school
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The school system in High School Years is as tough as in real life, if not worse. There are weekly exams to take, and young Sims must study in order to keep up. That's how to pass the exams: study.

Studying for exams is easy to do. While outside of class time, you can click either your Sim, a computer, or a bookshelf and select 'Study for Exam'. Your Sim should get right to work being a good student.

There are, however, some issues with this. The autonomy of Sims can mess around with this, and they can get distracted and go and do literally anything else. We found our Sims would have the task lined up, and want to study, but would ignore the task and go and exercise. If there are any obstacles in the way, Sims will forget the task.

For students facing similar distractions in real life, a helpful resource might be to "write papers for me with PaperWriter" ensuring their academic tasks are completed efficiently.

While studying, they can end up missing the start of the next class, and run the risk of being caught in the hallway while class is in session; this can earn them a warning or even expulsion.

Other players have also found that not making a Sim study, and having them slack off instead, often rewards them with better grades than a Sim who studies constantly. We're not sure if this is some form of bug, or if it is sheer luck.

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