World Sail codes - Free EXP, gold, and more (August 2022)

In the world of Roblox, Anime based games are gaining massive popularity. One that has been picking up steam is World Sail. With most Roblox games, codes are a great way to get your game going. With that, our World Sail codes guide will give you all the available codes to give you the edge.

Usually, anime games that are based around a very popular Anime tend to get a lot of players. This game is an open world RPG based on One Piece, where players can level their characters and learn new abilities.

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All working World Sail codes

Here are a list of all working codes for the game.

  • 500KVISITS - +30mins 2x EXP, +15k Gold (NEW CODE)
  • REFRESHSTATS - Stat reset (NEW CODE)

These codes were tested and cofirmed working as of August 4, 2022.

All expired World Sail codes

  • QUESTBUFF - +15mins 2x EXP, +10k Gold
  • 6KMEMBERS - 30mins 2X EXP
  • 5KFAVS - Stat Reset
  • 400KVISITS - 20k Gold
  • MOCHIMOCHI - 15mins 2X EXP, 5 Gems
  • 1KLIKES - 25 Gems
  • 4KMEMBERS - 1hr of double EXP and 10 Gems
  • 3KFAVS - 30mins of double EXP and 5 Gems
  • VFXFIX - +15 Gems, + 25k Gold, +15 mins 2X EXP
  • SOSORRY - +1hr 2X EXP, +10k Gold
  • ANOTHERRESET - Free Stat Reset
  • XPBUFFS - +30 mins 2X EXP, +10 Gems
  • MOREFIXES - Free Stat Reset
  • STORAGE - +5 Gems
  • VexxGoated - + 30 mins of two times exp + 5 Gems
  • THANKYOU - Stat Reset
  • OgSwoleVexx - 3 free gems
  • DATAFIX - 2 hours double exp, 10 free Gems, +30k Gold
  • STATRESETBOI - Reset stats

These codes are all expired as of August 4, 2022.

How do I redeem World Sail codes?

Redeeming codes for World Sail is very easy.

  • Launch Roblox
  • Navigate to World Sail, and launch the game
  • Once you're in the game, Hit the "Options" button in the bottom left
  • Enter your code into the box on this menu
  • Hit Enter
  • Enjoy your freebies!

If your code doesn't work, make sure that you've typed it in correctly, or have copied and pasted it. If it still doesn't work, then it may be that the code is already redeemed or is expired.

What is in the latest World Sail update?

The newest update for the game added a brand new island, Arlong. This is available at 700+ level. There's also a new Mochi Core, and the codes that you have above. For more info about the game, you can check out the official game page.

And that's all we have for you. Be sure to check back regularly for more codes as we'll have them as they get added to the game. In the meantime, check out our general Roblox Codes guide for some more freebies, as well as our tier lists for Anime Adventures, Anime Warriors, and Blox Fruits.

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