True Piece Perks List - All Boosts Explained

Screenshot from True Piece, showing a Roblox character preparing for battle

Screenshot from True Piece, showing a Roblox character preparing for battle

True Piece is one of the deepest Roblox experiences out there, so our True Piece perks list will help you make sense of the various boosts available. There's a veritable feast of True Piece perks available at launch, all with varying rarities and gameplay modifications, so you'll need to know the differences between them before you start rolling to unlock perks.

In this guide, we break down all the True Piece perks, as well as running through each of them do. We also go over how you can get True Piece perks, so you can have plenty of tries at getting the rarest ones.

If you want even more on True Piece, then you've found yourself in the right place. Check out our True Piece codes for a healthy dose of freebies to get your adventure off to a solid start. We've also got a True Piece tier list, so you know which fruits are best to keep an eye on. Elsewhere in Roblox, our Shindo Life codes will definitely give you a handy boost, too!

True Piece Perks List

There are 15 available perks, with varying levels of rarity. Here's a full list:

Common True Piece Perks

  • Runner - increases movement speed
  • Luck - increases chance of landing a critical hit
  • Vitality - increases base health by 20 HP

Rare True Piece Perks

  • Enhanced Moon Walk - increased moonwalk ability in races, also reducing cooldown time
  • Enhanced Finger Gun - increases Finger Gun damage against opponents, increasing critical hit charge amount, and reducing cooldown time
  • Enhanced Rankyaku - increases Rankyaku damage, also reducing cooldown time
  • Enhanced Paper Arts - increased likelihood of earning paper body skill, letting you move and strafe more quickly
  • Enhanced Iron Body - increases block ability, and armour level
  • Enhanced Instant Transmission - increases Instant Transmission ability, also reducing cooldown time

Legendary True Piece Perks

  • Six Styles - boosts all six skills
  • Advanced Kenbunshoku - reduces the amount of Haki used when dodging
  • Advanced Busoshoku - unlocks the full body Busoshoku armour, but only if the player has 400 Busoshoku mastery. Also increases base HP
  • Advanced Weapon Busoshoku - when the player uses their Haki, all weapons are granted a boost in effectiveness
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku - lets player use Haoshoku, once per life. Also increases Haoshoku's attack range, and reduces skill cooldown. This doesn't drain Haki if you own the Conqueror game pass add-on

Godly True Piece Perks

  • Strawberry Haoshoku - lets players automatically use Haoshoku character if their HP is low

What Are True Piece Perks?

As you can see, True Piece perks are handy gameplay boosts that enhance your character's stats. The more common True Piece perks are simpler in their abilities, granting boosts like increased HP or movement speed. The higher you go up in rarity, the more elusive the impact. The rarest True Piece perks will give you access to Haoshoku, the rarest Haki in the game, with the highest levels of damage and health.

As such, True Piece perks are very useful in giving you the edge over PvP opponents. If you're lucky enough to get some of the top-level perks, like Strawberry Haoshoku or Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku, you'll bypass the need to grind and level up your character. You'll instantly have access to the best Haki in the game, which should make most battles fairly straightforward.

Screenshot from True Piece, showing the character customisation menu with perk slots available
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How Do I Use True Piece Perks?

The good news is that using True Piece perks is one of the easiest things to do in the game. In fact, you'll be invited to equip your perks before you first enter a lobby. Each character has two perk slots. First-time players can tap on these slots to randomly spin for their perks, then repeat this process twice. Those first two spins in each perk slot are free.

From there, all you need to do is dive into a game. Your perks are automatically equipped once you spin for them, so then all you need to do is hit the 'Finish Customization' button to play. In the game, your perks will work in the background, though you can manually activate those which contain new Haki to use.

How Do I Get More True Piece Perks?

Once you've used your free spins to get True Piece perks, you'll have to pay to unlock more. Yes, the first initial spins are free, but you'll need a healthy dose of Robux if you want to keep trying for the rarest perks.

One perk spin will set you back 100 Robux from the in-game shop. There are other purchase options, too, with five perk spins costing 300 Robux and ten perk spins costing 500 Robux. It's an expensive venture for sure, but it will also ensure you get plenty of chances to get the most useful perks. Equally, our aforementioned True Piece codes list contains some handy goodies, including free spins, so be sure to check that out.

That's everything you need to know about True Piece perks. We've gone over what they are, how to unlock new perks, and which perks are the best to aim for when spinning for new ones. Best of luck in your quest to obtain the rarest perks!

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