Super Doomspire Codes - Free Crowns and Stickers

Screenshot from Super Doomspire, with red, yellow, green, and blue towers battling

Screenshot from Super Doomspire, with red, yellow, green, and blue towers battling
March 15, 2022: We checked for new Super Doomspire codes, but there weren't any.

Our Super Doomspire codes will help give you a much-needed boost in the Roblox free-for-all rampage. It’s every player for themselves in the game, where you build your own unique tower and strive to defend it from the attacks of rival players. As such, it can be a pretty intense and combat-heavy experience - which our codes will help ease just a little.

Verticality is the name of the game in Super Doomspire, as you fight your way to the top of enemy towers to destroy them for good. When you manage to topple an enemy fortress—or witness your own go down—it can be quite a spectacle, but of course, that’s no easy feat. Our Super Doomspire codes will help make that achievement slightly easier, with plenty of free Crowns, weapons and stickers to give you the best chance of toppling your enemies.

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All Working Super Doomspire Codes

  • HOLLYJOLLY - 1,000 Crowns and Gift Bomb Tool
  • EXISTENTIALHORROR - Oh noo sticker and 900 Crowns
  • ROBLOXROX - Dance Potion
  • MARCHAHEAD - 500 Crowns
  • ITSFREE - 200 Crowns

  • THANKS - 10 Crowns
  • ITSFREE - 200 Crowns, Noob sticker, Hmm… sticker, RIP sticker
  • GAYRIGHTS - 30 Crowns, Pride sticker
  • LESBIANRIGHTS - 30 Crowns, Lesbian Pride sticker
  • BIRIGHTS - 30 Crowns, Bisexual Pride sticker
  • TRANSRIGHTS - 30 Crowns, Trans Pride sticker

  • NONBINARYRIGHTS - 30 Crowns, Nonbinary Pride sticker
  • PANRIGHTS - 30 Crowns, Pansexual Pride sticker
  • PLEASE - 50 Crowns
  • ADOPTME - 100 Crowns, Bro sticker, Uhh… K sticker, I’m Baby sticker, Bee Nice sticker
  • REDRULES - Red Leader sticker
  • YELLOWFROG - Yellow King sticker
  • GREENMAGIC - Green Scientist sticker

  • BLUEBUSINESS - Blue Executive sticker
  • ROBLOXROX - Dance Potion sticker
  • MARCHAHEAD - 500 Crowns
  • EXISTENTIALHORROR - 900 Crowns, OH NOOO sticker
  • HOLLYJOLLY - 1000 Crowns, Gift Bomb
  • SMUGCAT - Smug Cat sticker

The following Super Doomspire codes are sadly expired. They were last checked and confirmed as expired on March 15, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • RATTLEMEBONES - 500 Crowns, Skeleton Laugh sticker
  • FROZEN - Ice Sword
  • PRESENT - 200 Crowns
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR - 50 Crowns, Firework Launcher
  • INTHEDARK - Darkheart
Here's how to redeem Super Doomspire codes.
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How Do I Use Super Doomspire Codes?

  • Load up Super Doomspire, either via the Roblox game page, or on the mobile app
  • Select the green Shop icon to the left of the screen
  • Then select the light-blue Codes sub-menu, which is the furthest to the right on the Shop
  • Type your code into the text box, and hit Confirm
  • If the code is valid, you’ll get a message saying what you’ve just unlocked!

Luckily for Super Doomspire players, the code redemption process is very straightforward. It's also the same whether you’re playing on PC or mobile. Just follow the steps above regardless of platform and you'll be able to claim a bunch of goodies.

What Are Super Doomspire Codes?

Super Doomspire codes are a free and easy way to get more in-game currency, weapons, and cosmetics in the Roblox game. They provide you an instant jolt of resources to give you a financial boost - as well as giving you some cool design to kit out your character and tower.

Primarily, the Super Doomspire codes will give you hundreds upon hundreds of Crowns. These are the game’s primary currency, and they’re used to purchase pretty much everything in the in-game store. Crowns will prove especially helpful when trying to purchase new weapons.

They rotate in the store every day, with new weapons and accessories available, so you’ll want to have a good supply of Crowns in case something good crops up. Recently, you were able to purchase a Superball skin adorned with the iconic Doge - and these codes can give you instant access to that.

Elsewhere, the codes also grant you free stickers. As in other multiplayer games, you can equip a set of six stickers to spray at your will across the Super Doomspire map. Some stickers can also be bought from the store using Crowns - but these codes will give you some wonderful Pride-based stickers free of charge.

Lastly, the codes can also give you access to exclusive, limited-edition weapons - namely the Ice Sword, and the Darkheart. While these codes have now expired, the items are still available in the shop upon rotation, meaning they aren’t completely gone. However, it’s worth constantly checking for new Super Doomspire codes, in case new limited-edition weapons crop up once more.

The Super Doomspire codes redeem screen showing successful redemption.
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How Do I Get More Super Doomspire Codes?

Currently, it seems like new Super Doomspire codes are a rarity, as developer Doomsquires hasn’t released a new code in a while. However, there are a few solid places to check regularly for new codes. We recommend following the Twitter accounts of the two Super Doomspire creators, Polyhex and Blutreefrog. They don’t often mention codes, but they discuss the game frequently, meaning freebies could pop up at any time.

Equally, if you purchase official Super Doomspire toys from their Roblox shop, each item comes with a code for the game. That’s for an exclusive Biochemist outfit, that you can only get by purchasing these toys.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to bookmark this page and check back frequently. We’ll be updating our list as and when new Super Doomspire codes drop, so keep your eyes peeled!

What Is The Latest Super Doomspire Update?

The most recent Super Doomspire update was back in August 2021, and there's no sign of any new updates in the near future. Nonetheless, here's what that bumper update added to the game:

  • Two new Doomspire mode maps - Islands and Rooftop
  • New Deathmatch mode map - Cascade Sanctum
  • Visual and performance updates to all maps
  • New songs and stickers
  • Roundcat Rally Power-Ups - randomly-generated power-ups that grant you a boost in game
    • Boosts to speed, shield, brick refills, and a rocket
  • New weapons - Frost Staff, Umbrellade, Pokey Ball
  • Ten new cosmetic skins
  • Various bug fixes

And that's it for our Super Doomspire code guide! Be sure to stay tuned for more codes in the future - and enjoy your freebies.

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