How to Unlock Anime Fighting Simulator Specials - Quirks, Kagunes, and More

Wondering how to unlock Anime Fighting Simulator Specials? There sure are a lot of them. There's no end to the ways you can build your character and dominate your opponent with these. Taking cues from some of the biggest Shonen anime franchises around, you can grab Quirks from My Hero Academia, Arts from Demon Slayer, Kagune from Tokyo Ghoul, and the skills from just about any major action anime out there. We're going to show you how to unlock a bunch of Anime Fighting Simulator specials, but you'll need to farm a certain currency to unlock the lot.

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How to Unlock Quirks, Stands, and Kagunes in Anime Fighting Simulator

If you're going to become a force to be reckoned with, you're going to need to unlock some of the more powerful Anime Fighting Simulator Specials. Listed in the 'Specials' tab of the character menu alongside a bunch of others, it's Quirks, Stands, and Kaganes you'll probably want to work on first. But there are plenty more.

These three play a major part in taking on others in battle once you've trained up your stats. Forget to pick them up and you'll probably just be swinging at the air while your opponent dances around you. Here's how to get each.

Where to unlock Quirks in Anime Fighting Simulator.
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Anime Fighting Simulator Quirks come from the My Hero Academia show. You can obtain these really early on. Leave the starting area through the door leading to the Charka Tree. Head to the right and out through the corner where the surrounding buildings part.

You should see a hospital on your right. Walk in here and talk to the old man at the desk. You'll get your first Quirk for free, but you can spend 5,000 Chikara Shards to unlock more after this.

Where to unlock Stands in Anime Fighting Simulator.
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Stands from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series are even easier to find after unlocking Quirks. To get your first Kagune just head out from the Hospital where you unlocked your Quirk. Head back the way you came and you'll notice Giovanni by the side of a building.

Click on the chest beside him to get your first Stand. You'll have to pay 5,000 Chikara Shards for one. They're not free. But if you don't have enough, talk to Giovanni when you have 1,000,000 Strength, Durability, and Chakra for 300 free Chikara Shards.

Where to unlock Kagune in Anime Fighting Simulator.
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Next up are Kagunes from the Tokyo Ghoul franchise. These are quite far away, so be sure to bump up your running speed and jump power on the settings screen if you haven't already.

To reach Kaneki the Kagune vendor, take a sharp left down the hospital road. Walk over the long bridge and slide yourself between the gym and the big blue building. Keep heading forward this way until you pass another blue building. You should see Kaneki and the Kugane chest outside a building on a road to your left.

Where to unlock Grimoires in Anime Fighting Simulator.
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Lastly, we have Grimoires. For these, just head back the way you came from the Kuganes. Once you reach the bridge again, take a right (or a left if you've just come from the bridge) and follow the road all the way down until you find a little castle on your right. Head inside here to unlock your Grimoire ability.

How to use Anime Fighting Simulator Specials.
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How Do I Use Anime Fighting Simulator Specials?

Once you've unlocked your Anime Fighting Simulator Specials like Kagunes, Quirks, and Stands, you need to learn how to use them. To do this, just open up the character menu and then the Specials tab.

Scroll through each of the Specials types you've unlocked and you should see a hotkey (usually a number) you can use to set that type of Special as active. Once you've done that, just use the button listed by the exact Special you want to use and it should activate. You can use the same numbered hotkey to unequip a Special if you want.

And that's it for now! Anime Fighting Simulator Specials are constantly being added. We'll update this guide with the location of each new Special as and when they're made available, so be sure to bookmark this page in case you need directions again.

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