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Striker Odyssey tier list (August 2023) - All weapons ranked

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A Roblox character striking a football in Striker Odyssey.
August 3, 2023: A new Striker Odyssey weapon just landed, so check out our updated tier list below, and our Striker Odyssey codes here!

If you need a Striker Odyssey tier list, you're in luck. This manga-inspired Roblox game mixes gacha mechanics and action with good old-fashioned football, for a completely original experience.

In this guide, we'll run down the very best weapons in Striker Odyssey via our tier list. There aren't too many in the game so far, so we'll explain which ones are the best to use, as well as how you can get more.

Striker Odyssey weapons tier list

Ranking Weapon name
SGodspeed, Villainous Soccer, Trapping, Perfect Kick Accuracy, Elastic Dribbling
AMark Smell, Immense Speed, Drive Shot, Total Defense
BStealthy Steps, Explosive Acceleration, Jumping Power
CFinesse Shot
DDirect Shot

See the table above for our full Striker Odyssey tier list, complete with all the weapons currently in the game. The full roster of abilities is available in the Striker Odyssey Trello, alongside plenty of other information.

As you'd expect, the S-tier weapons are the ones you'll want to focus on in your gacha spins, while those in the C- and D-tiers are less likely to bring you success.

A Roblox character playing football in Striker Odyssey.
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What is the best weapon in Striker Odyssey?

As per our tier list, the three best weapons in Striker Odyssey are Trapping, Perfect Kick Accuracy, and Elastic Dribbling. Each one comes with its own benefits, as well explain below.

Trapping is first up on our Striker Odyssey tier list. This effectively sticks the football to your character's foot, giving you the platform to then choose a range of finishing moves, from volleys to turns.

Perfect Kick Accuracy is fairly self-explanatory. There are three moves contained within this weapon, letting you do a trivela pass, trivela shot, or high-speed shot. All of these are bound to dumbfound opponents and contribute positively to play, so keep an eye out for Perfect Kick Accuracy.

Last up is Elastic Dribbling, which contains four moves. These are all silky skills used to beat players, ranging from a rainbow flick to a mid-air elastico. If you're looking to boost your dribbling stats and opponent take-ons, this is the weapon to use.

How do I get more Striker Odyssey weapons?


However, it's not especially easy to get more weapons in Striker Odyssey. Like so many other Roblox games, it all boils down to a gacha component, which in this title is called spins.

Each spin can net you a new weapon, while you can also use Prestigious Spins to upgrade the stats on each one. Therefore, it all boils down to a lot of luck.

That's it for our Striker Odyssey tier list. If you're after more Roblox codes, then go ahead and snag the latest Project Slayers codes, Era of Quirks codes, and Project XXL codes.

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