Stands Awakening Tier List - What's the Best Stand?

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Image from Stands Awakening, showing three Roblox characters on a beach

With almost one hundred different stands to choose from, our Stands Awakening tier list will help you choose which character to main in this deep Roblox experience. Many of the characters are based on familiar JoJo anime characters, so we'll explain which ones are worth your time.

Our Stands Awakening tier list will rank each and every stand on the game based on their combat proficiency, so you know exactly which ones fit the meta best. We'll also explain how you get more stands, as well as looking at a few additions from the new update, and the inclusion of Undertale's Sans in the game.


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Stands Awakening Tier List

Ranking Stand name
SVampire The World, Star Platinum: The World, Whitesnake: Alternate Universe, Shadow The World, Star Platinum: OVA, The World: OVA, The World: Neo, EOH Soft & Wet, Creeper Queen
AStar Platinum, The World, Killer Queen, Gold Experience, Whitesnake, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, The World: Alternate Universe, Soft & Wet, King Crimson: Requiem, King Crimson: Alternative Universe, EVA C-Moon, Made on Hallowe's Eve, Ender Crimson: Alternate Universe, Manga King Crimson, Oreo Crimson, Manga King Crimson, Oreo Crimson, Steve Platinum, Herobrine
BHierophant Green, Sticky Fingers, King Crimson, Star Platinum: Over Heaven, The World Over Heaven, The World: Greatest High, Gold Experience: Golden Wind, Sans Crimson: Alternate Universe
CAnubis, Crazy Diamond, Gold Experience Reqiuem, Volcanic Experience Requiem, Toxic Experience Requiem, Ender Crimson, Sans Crimson
DC-Moon, Made in Heaven, Volcanic Experience, Toxic Experience

Our Stands Awakening tier list is based on each stand's general ability in combat and base stats, with the most impressive stands in the S tier, and so on. As such, it'll give you a general idea of how each character performs relative to others.

Who Is The Best Stands Awakening Character?

For our money, the best stand in Stands Awakening is Star Platinum: The World. While not the rarest stand in the game, its chances of dropping from arrows are an astounding 1%, meaning it's quite a hard stand to get a hold of.

On top of that, it ranks among the best performers in the game for speed, destruction, and durability. Given it's slightly more common than some of the shiny stands, Star Platinum: The World is a reasonably achievable stand for new players, making it a good choice.


For more experienced players, there are other stands worth looking into. EOH Soft & Wet is a particularly good choice, equally with a 1% drop rare from arrows, and others like Star Platinum: OVA and The World: Neo are also good choices.

Ultimately though, it boils down to whether you value speed or attacking potency, so play around with the stands in Stands Awakening to help make your mind up.

Image of three weapons in Stands Awakening

How Do I Get More Stands Awakening Characters?

Stands Awakening works a lot like some of the best gacha games, insofar as characters are obtained through random spins where you can't predict the outcome beforehand.

In this game, it's done through Arrows: a consumable that can be used to either unlock a new stand or power up any characters you may have. Simply find an Arrow in the world, pick it up, and you'll be able to spin.


There are different types of Arrows in the game with the standard Arrow only giving you the chance to unlock the basic stands, and so on. Once you get some of the more elusive Shiny Arrows or Hell Arrows, you'll begin unlocking the stands higher in our tier list.

These are also available to just randomly collect across the world, but their drop rates are much lower. You'll need to scour the world to get them, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

What Is In The New Stands Awakening Update?

A recent update to Stands Awakening in January 2022 made some minor tweaks to the meta, changing the balance of some stands.

A notable, and slightly controversial, change within the community was the nerf of Dio's The World - one of the best stands in the game. It made the attacking weaker, but the devs explained this in the Discord as "simply there so you can actually use the stand." Whatever that means.

A huge update should be coming soon too, as Stands Awakening is expected to move out of beta testing into a public release at some point this year. Details are slim on when that will be and what tangible changes players can expect, but it should kick the game up another notch.

How To Get Sans in Stands Awakening With Red Heart

Fans of the Undertale games will no doubt recognise the appearance of beloved character Sans in Stands Awakening. While it may seem like an odd inclusion in a game primarily inspired by anime, many gamers will still want to get their hands on Sans. Here's how to do it.


In this game, Sans isn't a stand, but instead a spec: an offshoot of stands that acts as a permanent attribute rather than a visual skin with individual stats. To get Sans, you need to have 3 Bones in your inventory, and the Red Heart item. This item has a 1/50 chance of spawning every 30 minutes, so it might take a while to get it.

With those items, go and speak to Sally, who will task you with killing 25 as the Sans Crimson: Alternate Universe stand, and doing 25,000 damage separately as Sans Crimson. Complete both of these quests, talk to Sally again, and she'll give you a Blue Heart. When standless, you can then use that item to unlock Sans permanently.

That's it for our Stands Awakening tier list. If you're looking for more JoJo games to play on Roblox, our YBA codes guide can help. And, if it's available when you're reading this, our World of Stands tier list and World of Stands codes guide are worth a read.