Stand Upright Character Tier List

Developer Aenoir’s Stand Upright Rebooted is a Roblox adventure based on the smash-hit anime series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Like the show, players in the Roblox game use Stands to battle one another, so we’ve made a Stand Upright tier list.

Previously, you might have seen the game titled just Stand Upright - it was released in 2019, however, was closed for a while to allow testing and rewriting. The game is now back in full swing and is renamed Stand Upright Rebooted (though no one really uses the full name). Even so, the Stands you choose to use will affect your abilities and strength, so here is our Stand Upright tier list to help you choose wisely.

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Stand Upright Tier List

Stand Name
Dio’s The World: Over Heaven, Star Platinum: Over Heaven, Jotaro’s Star Platinum: Over Heaven, The World: Over Heaven (OVA), Dio’s The World, Star Platinum (OVA), Jotaro’s Star Platinum
Kars, Shadow The World, Tusk Act 4, The World (OVA), Premier Macho Requiem, Silver Chariot Requiem (OVA), King Crimson (OVA), Gold Experience Requiem, Silver Chariot (OVA)
The World: Over Heaven, The Hand Requiem, Killer Queen: Bites The Dust, Hierophant Green Requiem, Silver Chariot Requiem, Premier Macho, Tusk Act 3, Star Platinum: Over Heaven
Tusk Act 2, Tusk Act 2, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, King Crimson, Gold Experience, The World, Diver Down, The World: Alternative Universe, Purple Haze, Whitesnake
Stone Free, Emperor, The Hand, Sticky Fingers, Star Platinum Stone Ocean, Star Platinum The World, Star Platinum, Killer Queen, Hierophant Green, Aerosmith, Crazy Diamond, Cream

What Are Stands

Stands, in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure lore, are entities that are ‘generated’ by their owners - not just humans - called Stand Users. This carries over to Stand Upright Rebooted, where players can collect and fight each other’s Stands, and trade them.

How To Get Stands

Getting Stands in Stand Upright is based somewhat on chance. There are different items that you can either collect or pay for that will give you a Stand, which will have varying odds as to who you’ll get.

When you first start the game, you’re Standless. You haven’t got any Stands to fight with. You can find Arrow items on the map, which will provide you with a stand. Charged Arrows, a rarer item, have a higher chance of rarer Stands like Dio’s The World. If you don’t want to search out these items, you can find an NPC named SlayKillerX66 and defeat them. However, this won’t be simple - they have 60HP, and you don’t have a stand.

Other items can be found too, such as Rokaka to remove a current stand, or Stone Masks, which can get Vampire Stands. This requires a higher level to use, however.

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