Square Piece 2 Codes - Free Spins and Keys

Square Piece 2 in-game visuals.

Square Piece 2 in-game visuals.
June 17, 2022: A bunch of new Square Piece 2 codes have dropped.

Another day, another new Roblox One Piece game to add to the list. This time around, we're looking at Square Piece 2 codes for a game with a very questionably produced bit of Paint-style artwork as its main thumbnail. If it wasn't for the original having a loyal following, we wouldn't bother, but the Square Piece name demands respect, and if it has codes, we're happy to list them.

As you've come to expect, our list of codes for Square Piece 2 won't begin and end with a simple rundown of limited-time goodies. Beyond the list, we'll detail how exactly to use Square Piece 2 codes, when to expect more, and how else you can keep up with the new One Piece game on the bloc.

For more pirate-focused Roblox titles, check out our list of GPO codes, A One Piece Game codes, and Blox Fruits codes as well. That last one remains incredibly popular to this day, so if this one doesn't turn out, there's always a quality one to fall back on.

All Working Square Piece 2 Codes

  • Updateenchants - Three spins
  • ThankYouForEarlyTesting! - Two spins
  • ThankYouForTheSupport! - Two spins
  • ThankYouForYourPatience! - Two spins
  • ThisIsAGiftForStickingWithUs! - One Uncommon Chest and one Chest Key

The following Square Piece 2 codes were last checked and confirmed expired on June 17, 2022:

  • No Square Piece 2 codes have expired just yet. It's a new game, and the codes are still fresh.

Check back in a few days for more new codes. They're always dropping.

You can use Square Piece 2 codes from the main menu of the game.
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How to Use Square Piece 2 Codes

  • Launch Square Piece 2 through Roblox
  • Tap 'Codes' on the main menu
  • Enter your Square Piece 2 codes and go

In a surprising move for anime Roblox games, using your Square Piece 2 codes barely needs more than a few clicks.

They're used directly from the game's main menu, so while that means having to close and reopen the game if you find a new code mid-session, it also means you don't have to get into gameplay before you can use them.

Just launch the game through Roblox, click the Codes button on the main menu, and you'll see a box where you can enter and redeem Square Piece 2 codes to your heart's content. You'll find the rewards on your account when you tap Play after.

Where Do I Get More Square Piece 2 Codes?

Though the game is still officially in a Stress Test state, more codes for Square Piece 2 are dropping each day recently. To find them before we post them here, you'll want to follow the Square Piece 2 Discord and turn on notifications for the updates channel in there.

Another way might be to do the same for the MystifineRBLX Twitter account. The developer's Twitter profile is listed in-game as a source of codes, but given it hasn't been posted to in almost 18 months, it could be a false promise.

Is There a Square Piece 2 Trello Board?

If you want to keep up with the game's development or need a nice reference point for NPCs, Fruits, and other bits of information, the Square Piece 2 Trello board serves that purpose.

And that's about all there is to say on the matter of new codes for Square Piece 2 right now. We'll update this page as new codes drop, and expect things like a fruit tier list to pop up here soon as well. We'll link to that once it's up.

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