How to get Android Shadow in Sonic Speed Simulator

Now a year into its run (get it?) the Sonic Speed Simulator character roster is perhaps the biggest of any Sonic game ever - and it's in Roblox. If you're hoping to complete the set, you'll need to know how to get Android Shadow in Sonic Speed Simulator while you can.

Generally sorted as a Legendary-rarity character in-game, getting your paws on Android Shadow isn't as easy as claiming a Sonic Speed Simulator code for Valentines Amy. You'll need to put in some work. We'll go over the conditions below. Just follow along to get yours.

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How to get Android Shadow in Sonic Speed Simulator

You can get Android Shadow by taking part in the Android Anomoly event. This was patched into the game toward the end of January 2023.

The event also saw a rerun one month later alongside the Hologram Havoc event. The same patch also introduced Grind Shoe Sonic from Sonic Adventure 2 as a skin.

During the event, you had to 600 Rebirth Energy to unlock the legendary Android Shadow skin for use. You could also buy it for 899 Robux.

Will Android Shadow come back?

Given the update got a rerun at the tail-end of February, it could very well come back around at the end of March - or any subsequent month.

How to get Android Shadow (Green)

A blank entry on the Sonic Fandom page for the game shows a Green version of Android Sonic (with the original being noted as 'Orange'). There's no way to get this version of the skin just yet, but it could arrive with the next rerun of the Android Anomaly event.

According to the Sonic Fandom page, Android Shadow's pose on the in-game artwork was modeled after fanart by a Deviantart user. The sound effects used for Android Shadow are also pulled directly from Sonic Adventure 2.

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