Sonic Speed Simulator - Best Chaos and Trails

With the aim being nothing more than to grind XP and Rings faster and faster, knowing which of the many Sonic Speed Simulator Chaos and Trails are best can really help in this official Sonic Roblox game. Not only with the knowledge keep you from spending valuable Rings on the wrong things, but it'll help you earn more to spend faster as well.

Down below, we're going to work on a complete Sonic Speed Simulator Chaos and Trails list that we hope to keep updated whenever new ones land. If you've ever played a gacha game before, you'll know what you're getting into with the vending machines in this one. If not, you're about to learn a thing or two.

Before we jump into things, though, be sure to check out our character unlock guides if you need some help. We've listed how to get Sailor Tails, where to find Knuckles, and even how to get Shadow in Sonic Speed Simulator as well.

Sonic Speed Simulator Best Chaos and Trails List

Down below, we're going to list off every Chao and Trail you can get in Sonic Speed Simulator as it stands. We'll list their names, effects, boosts, rates, and where to get them. It's a long process, though, so it's not ready just yet. Check back soon.

The Tundra Chao is the best Chao in Sonic Speed Simulator.
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Is the Tundra Chao Better than the Mega Chao?

We're sorry to say it, but yes: the Tundra Chao is better than the Mega Chao in Sonic Speed Simulator. Added in Update 5 on May 7, 2022, the Tundra Chao is a better buy for 1m Coins than the Mega Chao released the same way just seven days earlier with the Scavenger Hunt update. If you didn't manage to get enough Rings by then, you're in luck.

If you spent them all in that update getting the Mega Chao, you purchase is already obsolete. Luckily, so long as you didn't buy three Mega Chaos, you can still keep it equipped and have a Tundra Chao as well while you work toward having three Tundra Chaos. Just know they these, too, will likely be bested by whatever limited-time Chao drops with Update 6.

What Are Sonic Speed Simulator Chaos and Trails?

Sonic Speed Simulator Chaos and Trails are two different equipable unlocks you can get by spending Rings in the game.

Both are visible on your character, so you can show off super rare ones if you want, but the main benefit comes from the XP and Ring buffs each award just by having them equipped.

They're bought from Vending Machines scattered around the game, with each one having a different selection at different fixed costs. The rarer the Chaos or Trail, the lower the chance that you'll pull them. If you do, though, you'll earn more Rings and XP for your efforts.

You can have three Chaos and one Trail equipped at any one time, making for four boosts you can benefit from as you dart around the world.

And that's about all we have to say on the matter of Sonic Speed Simulator Chaos and Trails right now. For similar games to get stuck into, check out our list of the best Roblox Obby games around right now.

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