How to get Zero Glacier Bloodline in Shindo Life

Image of an anime character powering up a move in Shindo Life.

If you want to get some of the rarest abilities in the game, you'll want to get your hands on the Zero Glacier Bloodline in Shindo Life. It's not an easy Bloodline to stumble upon, however, which is why we're here to help. We'll show you what makes this specific ability special, and how to get it.

In this Roblox guide, we'll detail the Zero Glacier Bloodline from one of the platform's biggest games, Shindo Life. It's a reasonably new addition to the anime-inspired experience, and as such players are yearing to get their hands on it. We'll help make that a little bit easier.

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How do I get Zero Glacier Bloodline in Shindo Life?

There's only one way to get the Zero Glacier Bloodline in Shindo Life: relying on random spins. That's the main way to procure new abilities in the game, which contributes to its gacha gameplay.

However, you'll find that the odds of pulling the Zero Glacier Bloodline are incredibly slim. In fact, the game chalks it up at a 1 in 300 chance. As such, you'll either have to be incredibly lucky, or even more dedicated, if you want any chance of procuring it.

To activate a spin, simply head to the Main Menu, then Bloodlines, then Edit. From there you can redeem spin tokens in exchange for a go. The good news is that free spin often arrive in codes, so redeem all the active coupons you can. Spin, spin, and spin again, with the hope of seeing the Zero Glacier ability at the end of the tunnel.

What is the Shindo Life Zero Glacier Bloodline?

Those drastically tough odds are valid though, becuase the Zero Glacier Bloodline is one of the most valuable abilities in Shindo Life. A variation on the Shiro Glacier move, it harnesses ice to conjure up dragons which deal blistering damage.

Widely considered one of the best PvP Bloodlines in Shindo Life, it's likely that only the most elite players will find much use for the Zero Glacier ability. That's because you need millions of Ryo to unlock all the best moves, as well as plenty of Chi. Therefore, if you're a low level and manage to pull the Zero Glacier in a gacha spin, the chances are you won't have the resources to purchase further moves.

Nonetheless, the Shindo Life Zero Glacier Bloodline is definitely worth considering for seasoned characters. While you're here, feel free to also check out our Shindo Life tier list, to see how some of the other Bloodlines stack up!

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