Pirates Dream tier list - Best Devil Fruit and race (March 2024)

Pirate's Dream Tier List - Fruits and Races

Pirate's Dream Tier List - Fruits and Races
6March 24, 2024: We have checked over all of our information

If you're looking for a Pirate's Dream tier list, this is everything you need to know. Roblox is well known for having a brilliant and creative community. Look at any of its player-made game modes and you get exactly why it is such a popular tool for young developers and an endlessly enjoyable platform for those looking for fresh and fun new games.

As many of the game's main mechanics are still locked behind closed doors, this is a speculative list, putting together information we've seen in Discord servers and from their Twitter page. This will get updated with time, as new fruits come out and new information comes in from what's expected to be the next big Roblox One Piece fan game.

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Pirates Dream fruit tier list - Best Devil Fruit for launch

Pirates Dream race tier list









Though this is far from an official ranking or based on any hard evidence, both the One Piece manga/anime and the myriad other Roblox games based on the franchise already out there can tell us which fruits tend to rank above the rest.

For different reasons, Mera and Bomb are set to be the top-ranking devil fruits for a while. Bomb is a great area clearer, making grinding for levels that much easier. Mera is great for general combat and even travel.

Pirate's Dream Tier List - Fruits and Races
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Pirates Dream race tier list - Strongest race for launch

Pirates Dream fruit tier list







With the game being relatively new, it's tricky to make a Pirates Dream race tier list that's based on hard evidence. With the development team not issuing and official tier list of their own, we can't just assume that a rarer race is inherently stronger.

But, because most other One Piece Roblox games hide stronger races behind lower gacha rates, it's relatively safe to assume the Pirates Dream race tier list works the same way. Until we're proven otherwise, the list above stands.

If you roll Fishman, stick with it. Losing it just to try for Mink isn't worth it. They're better for beginners anyway, with Mink being a more advanced class. Human isn't too different from Skypian.

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When Do Pirate's Dream Updates Come Out?

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