Pirate's Dream Tier List - Fruits and Races

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Pirate's Dream Tier List - Fruits and Races
August 10, 2022: We have rechecked our ranking

If you're looking for a Pirate's Dream tier list, this is everything you need to know. Roblox is well known for having a brilliant and creative community. Look at any of its player-made game modes and you get exactly why it is such a popular tool for young developers and an endlessly enjoyable platform for those looking for fresh and fun new games.

As many of the game's main mechanics are still locked behind closed doors, this is a speculative list, putting together information we've seen in Discord servers and from their Twitter page. This will get updated with time, as new fruits come out and new information comes in from what's expected to be the next big Roblox One Piece fan game.

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Pirate's Dream Tier List - Best Fruits Ranked

Tier Fruit
S TierSpike-Spike, Wax-Wax
A TierChop-Chop

So far, we only have three confirmed fruits in the game. That being said, more are planned to come with future updates.


Though the game is set to launch in August, it seems as if the fruits are being added as a last-minute thing, with quests and the explorable world itself taking priority right now.

We have placed the Spike fruit at the top of our list due to its defensive abilities. Used at the right spot, no one will bother trying to touch you.

After this, we've placed the Wax fruit. Giving you ranged capabilities, it's a good offensive weapon if you prefer to kite your opponents around. A good trick against melee-heavy players, but one that can land you in a tough spot if you're not fast on your feet.

Finally, we have placed the Chop fruit as an A-tier equip. Though very cool in concept, splitting your body apart can be a little bit of a hindrance too, even if it seems quite versatile.

Pirate's Dream Tier List - Fruits and Races
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Pirate's Dream Tier List - All Races

Race Trait
FishmanDue to how well they work in the water, Fishman are the best race in the game. They also have unique skills and traits to back that up
HumanHumans are a very balanced race, being good at lots of things but not excellent at anything
SkypieanSkypiean is an interesting race but may be a little complex for your first choice. They have unique skills but not as many traits
CyborgCyborgs are a tougher race than most, with extra HP but, as you get further into the game, this matters little.

As of right now, our ranking of all the game's races are speculative. As this is another Roblox game taking after One Piece, we expect it to adhere to some of the classic races featured in the franchise's established world.


For this reason, we can imagine all of the races being in the game at some point, but only a few might be available at launch. As the world tends to be covered in water, the Fishman should be the best race to aim for. They can move through water quickly and even have their own unique skills. You can skip a lot of the longest part of the game by getting through all that water.

Following this up are the Humans. They benefit from a lot of different boosts and traits but don't tend to bet dominant in a single area. They are great all rounders, allowing you to change your style and stats to your liking.

After this are the Skypiean. Although they have small wings, they don't really have much they can do with them. They are a decent race but don't have the benefits previous races have.

At the bottom are the Cyborgs. They aren't a bad race by any means but their buff to health doesn't mean much as the game progresses. They offer a nice boost at the start but not enough to make up for the good things other races have.

When Do Pirate's Dream Updates Come Out?

As Roblox teams are generally made up of younger people making games in their spare time, there isn't a confirmed schedule for when updates will come out. This being said, you can go over to the Pirate's Dream Discord to get all the latest information and teases at new updates. It's the best way of staying up-to-date.

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