Pirates Dream private server - How do they work?

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Pirates Dream private server - how do they work?
October 3, 2022: We have rechecked our information

If you're looking for Pirates Dream private server information, you may be waiting a little while. With an official launch around the corner, the team need to get the game right before expanding. This being said, it seems likely they're in the works. Here's what we know so far.

Private servers are a great way of playing all your favourite modes with your friends. You can test the parameters of the game and really learn how it all works. It only makes sense that they will eventually arrive. They will likely come with a few codes too.

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Pirates Dream private servers - when will they arrive?

As of right now, we don't know when Pirates Dream private servers are due to arrive. It seems likely that the game will go live over the next few weeks and there's technically a chance they could come out with the official release.

Pirates Dream private server - how do they work?

As of right now, it all depends on what the team want to do with the game. If they want players to fully explore it and don't really want too much of the game to be left mysterious, they may let players join private servers.

This all being said, they may choose not to do that, retaining more players in public matches. We'll update you here as we get more information.


How do Roblox private servers work?

Private servers are a great way of playing the best Roblox game modes with just your friends. If you're looking for a way to really explore unhindered, this is the best way of doing so.

Some private servers even come with special codes and limitations, changing how the game plays. How exactly it will work in Pirates Dream will largely depend on the whims of the team.

Is there a Pirates Dream Discord?

You can get into the Pirates Dream Discord from this link. It is called Artist 3.0 productions and will likely be the place they share updates for future games and ideas. To chat in there, you have to pass a verification system. It can be a little hard to navigate due to finicky systems but worth it to get all the latest information.

Click on the link in the verification channel, where you will have to play a game or put a code in the description box of your account. Then, it will verify you and you can get in there and start chatting.

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