How to get the Titanic Jolly Cat in Pet Simulator X

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The Titanic Jolly Cat teaser from Pet Simulator X.

In what is probably one last Christmas hurrah for Pet Simulator X, a whole new kind of pet has made it into the game. If you're wondering how to get the Titanic Jolly Cat added to your Roblox collection, keep reading. It's not as hard as you'd expect.

The all-new Titanic Jolly Cat is the biggest pet in the game. And it very well could be the biggest we'll ever see. That, of course, can't be confirmed - we're not the developers, and if there's a new class of pet like this, there's every chance another could arrive down the line. But it's still a cool thing to consider: having the game's first Titanic pet.


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How to get the Titanic Jolly Cat in Pet Simulator X

According to the Pet Simulator X Twitter account, getting the Titanic Jolly Cat isn't too hard. It's just extremely rare. That means you'll need a lot of gacha luck rather than the ability to clear some really difficult puzzle or door.

To get the Titanic Jolly Cat added to your collection, you just need to open Exclusive Christmas Egg and the equivalent F2P egg. The thing is, it's a time-limited pet, meaning it won't be hatchable forever.


If you don't manage to get one, you might be able to trade one from another player. They're officially eligible to swap, so check out the Pet Simulator X value list to see how much you'll need to offer.


When is the Titanic Jolly Cat out in Pet Simulator X?

The Titanic Jolly Cat will land in Pet Simulator X on Christmas Eve. Expect it around the same update time as usual. Check out the timer above for when.


The date for when the Titanic Jolly Cat will go away hasn't been confirmed just yet, but we can imagine it will become unavailable through eggs as soon as the Christmas update ends.

What does the Titanic Jolly Cat do in Pet Simulator X?

Beyond working like just about any pet in the game, the Titanic Jolly Cat can also work as a mount. You can hop on top of it and ride it around the world like a hoverboard. That's handy.


How rare is the Titanic Jolly Cat? - Hatch rates

Though the PSX team hasn't revealed the exact hatch rate of the Titanic Jolly Cat, the social media post does say that Titanic pets are "EXTREMELY" rare. And that's in capital letters, so you know they're being serious. Expect the odds of hatching the Titanic Jolly Cat to be lower than any pet out there right now.

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