Pet Simulator X Easter 2023 quests, new pets, and Scavenger Hunt locations

The Huge Easter Cat from the 2022 Roblox Pet Simulator X Easter event.

The Huge Easter Cat from the 2022 Roblox Pet Simulator X Easter event.
April 8, 2023: We've added easy solutions to the quests for this update.

As a game that's already filled to the brim with eggs, it's a no-brainer that a Roblox Pet Simulator X Easter 2023 event is almost certainly coming very soon. And like any PSX update, teases, leaks, and obvious clues are rife right now. It's set to be one of the best updates for F2P players.

Down below, we'll round up and discuss any and all PSX Easter 2023 leaks, rumours, ideas, and confirmed plans we come across. The event last year was a great catch-up patch for new players. And if this one follows a similar trajectory to the recent St. Patrick's and April Fools updates, it's easy to imagine the same happening again.

When is the Pet Simulator X Easter 2023 event?

PSX Easter 2023 countdown

This year's PSX Easter event should begin at the same time as past updates: Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 5 PM GMT. The update countdown above adjusts to your device's timezone. Once it hits zero, refresh your game to see what's new. Check out our general PSX updates page for more.

Pet Simulator X Easter 2023 update details - New pets and what's new

Four new pets and their Gold versions for the Pet Simulator X Easter 2023 update.
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Credit: Twitter : @RBXGLeaks

What are the Easter 2023 pets in Pet Simulator X?

So far, leaks and datamines have unearthed the following potential pets for the new event:

  • Huge Easter Dominus
  • Huge Agony Marshmallow
  • Huge Painted Cat
  • Huge Easter Bunny
  • Spring Griffin
  • Easter Dominus
  • Agony Marshmallow
  • Bunny Basket
  • Easter Axolotl
  • Chick Egg
  • Painted Cat
  • Easter Angelus
  • Spring Bee
  • Easter Yeti

Other PSX Easter items

What is the Titanic Banana?

Another item that was uncovered (and even teased by Preston, the game's primary developer) was the Titanic Banana. Preston even suggested it's set to be the most valuable limited item on the Roblox platform.

The UGC item sold out almost immediately. It doesn't so anything in-game yet, however, but it's suggested that the update might reward those who bought it in some way. Otherwise, it's just a very rare item that'll likely increase in value over time.

How to get to the Easter world

You can get to the easter world by completing the obby set up in the Town area of the first world. Get off your hoverboard and step into the easter ring. Jump to go to the obby. Complete the course to reach the floating Easter Island.

How do I get the new PSX Easter Hoverboard? - PSX Easter quest solutions

You get the Easter Hoverboard as a reward for completing the three quests that unlock the Easter Hut door on Easter Island. You'll need to be in Hardcore Mode to complete these quests. They're as follows:

  • Break 200 Easter Coins
    • This means breaking 200 breakable easter coin piles. Go to Heaven Island if you're having trouble seeing these against other coins.
  • Break 100 Easter Chests
    • These are the various large, cracked easter egg breakables you'll see alongside Easter Coins in any world.
  • Open 100 Easter Eggs
    • Go back to the Easter Island and open 100 eggs at the shop at the very end. Either egg will work. Various gamepasses will make this go by faster, but they're far from necessary.

What's behind the locked Easter door?

The new Easter Hoverboard is what you'll find behind the locked door on Easter Island for the PSX Easter 2023 event. You can only complete it in Hardcore Mode, though.

Can the Easter quests be completed in normal mode?

No. For any quest objective to count, you need to do their respective actions in hardcore mode. That means you'll need HC Easter Coins to open the 100 eggs required to complete the final quest. You'll need at least 35m HC Easter Coins to clear it by opening the regular Easter Eggs.

What happens during the PSX Easter update?

Though details are scarce right now, it's easy to imagine the 2023 Easter event following in the footsteps of the last, while incorporating some recent additions to the game like the post-update Scavenger Hunt.

With the tease that it'd be a very F2P-friendly patch, expect Easter Eggs to resurface like last year's event, all holding powerful new pets regardless of the area they're found. The St. Patrick's event used a similar idea, but the pets in each egg matched those available in the area.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

A big part of the PSX Easter event is the new Scavenger Hunt. Presumably different to the typical post-update version that happens. Once we know more about it, we'll list things like the egg locations here.

For now, that's your lot on the PSX Easter event for this year. We'll update as we learn more (and include the patch notes below when they're available.) Until then, read up on how to make Cartoon Coins fast if you're stuck there, or how to make gold pets, rainbow pets, and dark matter pets to make the most of the event.

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