When is the next Pet Simulator X update? - Leaks, countdown, and details

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Wondering when is the next Pet Simulator X update? Read on. Being one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform means the next Pet Simulator X update is never too far away.

Although they're released at the same time each week, the contents of each PSX update is rarely clear until the day. Read on to find the latest PSX update leaks, confirmed details, patch notes, and update countdowns.

When is the next Pet Simulator X update?

PSX update countdown


The next Pet Simulator X update will go live on Saturday, April8 at the following times:

  • 5 PM GMT
  • 10 AM PT
  • 1PM ET

If your timezone isn't listed in the above list, just look to the countdown timer above. It automatically adjusts to your device's clock, so it'll always reflect the correct time relative to your location.

From Thursday onward, you can also look at the Town Fountain in Pet Simulator X to see the official countdown.

What's in the next Pet Simulator X update? (April 8, 2023)

The next PSX update appears to be the delayed Easter update. Originally set to release on April 1, the developers pet the April Fools update in its place, reserving the Easter update for April 8.

You can check out what we know about it through the date link below, but the general look so far is a new scavenger hunt and pets like the Easter Axolotl.

Pet Simulator X update schedule (2023 dates)

Pet Simulator X patch notes (April 1, 2023)

We'll have the latest Pet Simulator X patch notes here as soon as they're available. They typically drop with the update, but sometimes the link can appear a few hours before the patch notes are published to it.


For more Pet Simulator X guides, check out our ever-popular Pet Simulator X value list to get the right trade for your best pets. And if you're logging on for the countdown, we'll be updating our Scavenger Hunt eggs location list on the day.

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