Pet Simulator X April Fools 2023 - End time, quests, and best new pets

April 4, 2023: We've clarified a few of the April Fools event details for Pet Simulator X.

If you're hoping to get the most out of the Pet Simulator X April Fools 2023 update, you're going to have to act fast. Just like the short-lived St. Patricks World, this one isn't going to be around forever. In fact, it likely won't even make it to the second half of the month.

Its limited-time stay doesn't mean it isn't worth playing through, though. In fact, these kinds of events can dish out pets that might very well be worth a fortune long after the event is done. Work hard, and you may wake up to find pets worth billions of gems before the event comes back around again.

Pet Simulator X April Fools 2023 patch notes - What's new?

Check out the full PSX April Fools 2023 patch notes here, or keep reading for a quick breakdown.

  • April Fools event
  • Pet Sim 1 area
  • Error pets
  • Error eggs
  • Secret Door
  • Secret Room
  • Secret Egg
  • Fruit Boosters
  • Error breakables
  • Paintball Launcher
  • Infinite Pets
  • New Fan Art
  • Improvements
The April Fools World entrance in PSX for 2023.
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How do you get to April Fools World?

You need to complete the three quests by the door near the Gold Pets machine in Town. Read on for the solutions if you're a little confused.

Pet Simulator X April Fools quests solutions

Q1. Say 'April Fools' in chat.

This one is self-explanatory. Just open up the chat box, type in "April Fools" (with or without the quotes - so long as it's said somewhere in the message, it'll count), and send the message. This will unlock the second quest.

A Fruit during the Pet Simulator X April Fools event.
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Q2. Eat 30 Healthy Fruits.

You'll find the April Fools Pet Simulator X fruits scattered around the world like other breakables. Look out for pears, apples, rainbow fruits, and more. Just find a long area like Spawn World or Tech World and walk. If it's busy, find another server.

Q3. Break 25 error chests.

You'll find Error Chests in any world. They're semi-rare breakables. Go to the world that's quiet and low-level for your pets to get through this one fast. Cat Kingdom and Cat Taiga seems to have decent respawn rates for them.

Once you complete the quests, you'll be able to enter April Fools world through the locked door by the quest sign.

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The secret door in the Pet Simulator X April Fools World for 2023.
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How do I open the secret April Fools door in Pet Simulator X? - How to 'ask nicely'

To 'ask nicely' just as the door asks, just get close to the door in April Fools World and type "Pls" (or any message with "pls" in it) into the chat box. Send the message and the door will open - the clue was "ask nicely" after all. It's like a password.

Can't find the door? Teleport to April Fools World and walk backwards down the corridor. You'll need to do this every time you leave and re-enter the world.

Pet Simulator X April Fools 2023 event FAQ

When does the PSX April Fools event end?

Unlike the last event, the limited-time mode will last for one week only. It'll end with the April 8 update, which should welcome Easter to the game.

What do fruits do in the PSX April Fools update?

Beyond getting you through the second quest, each different fruit you break applied a stacking buff that increases things like damage, coin gain, diamond drops, and movement speed.

What's in the Pet Simulator X April Fools event?

You'll find the few leaked details on the page linked above, but the general idea of the PSX April Fools update seems to revolve around a limited-time world and coin, new Error eggs to go alongside it, and maybe the return of breakables in every world that spit out pets belonging to that world's eggs.

It will likely also include the limited-time return of the Infinite Pets Equipped Gamepass.

What's in the PSX April Fools egg?

Error pets are what you'll likely find in the PSX April Fools eggs. There's the Error Dog, Error Axolotl, mythical Error Dragon, and the incredibly rare Huge Error Cat. Every eggs in the April Fools World will hatch the same pets, but the secret one behind the locked door as a 10x chance to hatch the Huge Error Cat.

For more Pet Simulator X content, read up on how we reached 100,000 customers fast in My Restaurant for the limited-time Huge Chef Cat. And if you're looking for freebies and trades, our PSX codes page and Pet Simulator X value list can help.

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