Pet Simulator X St. Patrick's Day event guide - New pets, coins, and how to break 150 clover coins

Three pets in a pot of gold for the PSX St. Patrick's event.

Three pets in a pot of gold for the PSX St. Patrick's event.
March 12, 2023: We added pointers on how to complete quests like "Break 150 Clover Coins" and more.

The Pet Simulator X St. Patricks Day event is here, and there's enough green in Roblox for everyone. We won't know the exact details of the event before it releases, but past limited-time seasonal PSX events have conditioned us to expect some incredibly rare and powerful pets that can be shockingly easy to get.

Down below, we'll write up what we can over the St. Patricks Day weekend to help you get the most out of the game's first major seasonal event of the year. We'll go over when it's set to release, what to expect, and what to do to collect all the pets it launches with.

For more Roblox guides, just click that link to see our whole list. For specifics for this game, head to our Pet Simulator X value list. We'll be updating it with any new pets from this event, so you'll know exactly how much they're worth and which ones to aim for.

Pet Simulator X St. Patrick's Day event release date countdown

PSX St. Patricks Day event starts in

The Pet Simulator X St. Patrick's Day event arrived on Saturday 11, 2023 at 11am CST. For the Europeans out there, it was 5pm GMT.

Proir to launch, the countdown above automatically adjusted to your device's clock so say exactly when the update would land for you.

The PSX St. Patrick's event reveal.
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What is the Pet Simulator X St. Patricks Day event?

The Pet Simulator X St. Patrick's event introduces yet another new world to the game. Not Ireland, but simply the St. Patrick's World. The patch notes say to wear some green to avoid getting pinched if you're not Irish. How you do that is up to you.

How to get to St. Patrick's World

You can blast yourself to St. Patrick's World in PSX via a new cannon in the Town area. That's the one right at the standard spawn of the game. You'll see it - it's adorned with green four-leaf clovers and a giant rainbow.

What is the St. Patrick's World currency in PSX?

St. Patrick's World uses a brand-new currency called the Clover Coin. It's a nine-sided green coin with a four-leaf clover embossed in the middle. You'll find them in any breakable object, so keep busting open those coin piles, and you might strike gold (or green)!

Clover Coins drop in any world from that world's coin piles, but you can get a lot more by breaking Clover Coin piles and Pots of Gold.

Pet Simulator X St. Patrick's event quests

Progressing through the St. Patrick's World in PSX requires completing quests. Rather than just spending coins to open the doors to each area, you need to fulfil certain conditions instead - a bit like the Cat World.

Quest 1 - How to break 150 Clover Coins in PSX

The first quest in St. Patrick's World asks you to break 150 Clover Coins. Many people think it's broken and doesn't count down accurately or register breaks, but it's actually just a bit more specific than it suggests.

To open the first PSX St. Patrick's door, you need to use your pets to break 150 Clover Coin piles. No other coin piles will work, and pots of gold won't, either.

Finding Clover Coins can be a pain, though. Right now, the best places do complete the quest are either Cat World or Samurai Island. If you break everything on Samurai Island, coin piles will respawn quickly. Haunted Island works, too.

Quest 2 - How to break 50 Pots of Gold

The quest to unlock the second area works the same way. Rather than waiting for the Giant Rainbow event to break the high-HP pots of gold there, just take another trip to Cat World, Samurai Island, or Haunted Island. You can finish these two quests in under 30 minutes.

Quest 3 - Participate in the Giant Rainbow event

The Giant Rainbow event takes place every four hours, so that's 12, 4, and 8am/pm CST. Convert that to your local timeszone to figure out when it will start. You'll see a big notice in-game when it does.

Once the event starts, just help your server break through the five chests along the rainbow in the Spawn Town. Once the road is clear, you'll be able to open the final door in St. Patrick's World. Easy.

The pets and eggs from the PSX St. Patrick's Day event.
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New pets for the Pet Simulator X St. Patricks Day event

The St. Patricks Day event in PSX has brought seven new pets to the game. Here they are;

  • Huge Leprechaun Cat
  • Huge Clover Unicorn
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  • Huge Clover Dragon
  • Leprechaun Cat
  • Irish Corgi
  • Clover Fairy
  • Clover Axolotl
  • Secret Clover Unicorn

All these pets are spread across four new types of eggs - Clover eggs, Leprechaun eggs, Horseshoe eggs, and Lucky Kingdom eggs. All four come in their standard and gold varieties, with the most expensive of the lot setting you back 13.5m Clover Coins.

The Giant Rainbow in PSX for the St. Patrick's Day event.
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PSX Giant Rainbow Event explained

How to get the Huge Clover Dragon in Pet Simulator X

Every four hours, a Giant Rainbow will appear in the Town area of the game, back where you'll spot the cannon to St Patrick's World. The road across the rainbow is blocked with five giant chests, however.

You'll have to break your way through them to reach the exclusive egg at the end. Inside, you might just be lucky enough to find the Huge Clover Dragon. You'll get a lot of Clover Coins for your effort otherwise.

Lucky Blocks in PSX.
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What do Lucky Blocks do?

Lucky Blocks are dotted all around the game. Just like the easter eggs during that event last year, you can bust them open to hatch pets. But that's not all: Lucky Blocks can even drop boosters, diamonds, and a lot of coins. So get smashing.

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