LootQuest codes - free diamonds and more (August 2022)

Image from LootQuest, showing a Roblox avatar fighting an ice monster

Image from LootQuest, showing a Roblox avatar fighting an ice monster
August 4, 2022: We checked for new codes.

On the hunt for LootQuest codes? Welcome, warrior. Our handy guide compiles all the current freebies available for the new Roblox RPG from Studio Not Found. This Roblox game is all about combat, and the more grunts you cut down, the harder the game gets and the better the rewards.

Our LootQuest codes guide will break down all the coupons you can use right now, as well as briefly going over how you actually redeem them - some people can struggle with that. We will also run through a few places you can check for new codes in the future.

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All working LootQuest codes

  • BREAD - 100 Diamonds
  • WELCOME - 200 Diamonds

The following LootQuest codes were last tested and confirmed as expired on August 4, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • There are no expired LootQuest codes just yet. Hooray!
Screenshot of the LootQuest code redemption screen.
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How do I use LootQuest codes?

  • Boot up LootQuest via the Roblox game page and press the big play button.
  • Once you're in a lobby, tap the Settings icon in the top-right of the screen.
  • The first option on this menu is an 'Enter Code' box. Type your LootQuest codes in and hit Redeem.
  • If a code is valid and working, the goods will get dropped straight into your account.

Luckily, redeeming your LootQuest codes is about as straightforward as it gets. Even better, the process is identical no matter if you're playing on PC or mobile devices. Just follow the steps above to claim a bunch of free stuff.

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What are LootQuest codes?

At the moment, LootQuest codes are free redeemable items you can use to grab some extra in-game currency. The only current code will give you Diamonds, which is the premium currency in LootQuest much like Gems are in others.

Lootquest diamonds are used to purchase performance boosts that temporarily enhance your fighter's stats. They range from doubling your attack speed to letting you instantly sell goods without needing to teleport to the store. They don't, however, let you purchase new swords, meaning you'll still have to grind to get the best weapons in the game.

Don't be surprised if future LootQuest codes grant you some coins. This is the more common currency that you earn by selling gems, and it lets you purchase storage upgrades. Once you've saved up enough coins, you can pay to access the next stage of the world, so you'll definitely want to save up as much as you can.

How do I get more LootQuest codes?

Despite being an up-and-coming Roblox title, don't hold your breath for too many new LootQuest codes to arrive in the near future.

LootQuest is currently in alpha. And when the beta arrives, all of your current progress will be wiped - that's been confirmed on the Roblox game page. The devs are unlikely to supply us with freebies that we'd then lose once the transition to beta takes place, so new LootQuest codes won't make much sense.

We'll be keeping this page up-to-date with new codes as they land, but with many Roblox code guides to keep on top of, there are times we may be unable to add new LootQuest codes until a few hours after they arrive. If you want to beat us to the punch and get new codes as soon as humanly possible, you'll want to set up notifications on the LootQuest Discord channels. For now, though, all we can do is wait.

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