Home Run Simulator codes - free boosts and gems (September 2022)

Image of a baseball player hitting the ball in Home Run Simulator.
September 2, 2022: We updated our Home Run Simulator codes list.

Looking to score big with some Home Run Simulator codes? This Roblox sports game tasks you with taking to the home plate and seeing how far you can hit a baseball. The best players can get their shots into space, so if you want to get good at the game, some freebies granted through codes will definitely prove useful.

In this guide, we'll run through all the Home Run Simulator codes you can redeem right now, as well as the rewards you'll get from each one. That's on top of a look at the code redemption process, alongside tips on where to look for more codes down the line.

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All working Home Run Simulator codes

  • 8million - Free boosts (NEW)
  • 50klikes - Free boosts (NEW)
  • 7million - Free boosts
  • 45klikes - Free boosts
  • 6million - Free boosts
  • 40klikes - Free boosts
  • 5million - Free boosts
  • 35klikes - Free boosts
  • 25klikes - 750 Gems
  • 15klikes - 5 minutes of bonus gifts
  • 10kLikes - 5 minutes of bonus gifts
  • 50kHalt - 50,000 Gems
  • 1000likes - double coins boost
  • summer - luck boost

The following Home Run Simulator codes have sadly expired. These were last confirmed as not working on September 2, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • At the time of writing, none of our Home Run Simulator codes have expired. Good news!
Image of the Home Run Simulator code redemption screen.
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How do I use Home Run Simulator codes?

Luckily, it's very easy to redeem Home Run Simulator codes, even if the menus are sometimes a little unresponsive. Here's how to do it:

  • Boot up Home Run Simulator from the Roblox game page.
  • Tap the marketplace icon, indicated by a shopping cart.
  • Then tap the Twitter bird icon, and close the marketplace menu.
  • In the ensuing text box, paste in a code from our list and hit Redeem.
  • If the code is working, you'll see your inventory go up with new freebies!

What are Home Run Simulator codes?

Primarily, Home Run Simulator codes give you temporarily multipliers to increase the amount of rewards you get through gameplay. That by extension means you'll get more coins, which are crucial to levelling up and advancing in the game.

Coins are often used to upgrade your swinging power, while also purcashing new equipment like bats or balls. Equally, you'll need 1 million coins to use the Rebirth feature, which resets your inventory but lets you keep some stats, similar to the prestige mechanic in Call of Duty.

On top of that, these codes will also provide boosts to luck, and some extra Gems. That's the premium currency in the game, used for some of the more exclusive items. Treasure them, because they're very hard to come by!

How do I get more Home Run Simulator codes?

Luckily, the game's developer, Halt Studios, seems to add more Home Run Simulator codes very often. Therefore, your best places to check are the game's desceription on Roblox, as well as the studio's Twitter account. On top of that, you can keep tabs on the game's Discord server, where new codes could also drop. A new one is promised at 20,000 likes, but the game has now hit over 25,000 likes without that freebie.

That's it for our Home Run Simulator codes guide! While you're here, feel free to also redeem some of the newest Genshin Impact codes for some gacha goodness.

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