Roblox FPS - How to increase your frame rate

Roblox FPS - How To Increase Your Frame Rate

Roblox FPS - How To Increase Your Frame Rate
April 17, 2023: Here's how to increase your frame rate in Roblox.

If you're playing the game right now, you may be looking for a Roblox FPS boost. Though it's not quite as impressive as other mobile games like Genshin Impact, Roblox makes up for it in many other ways.

As you might expect, there are a few different ways to you can boost your FPS. Here's what we know about it.

If you're looking for more game modes to try, you should look into Jetpack Jumpers, Shindo Life, Tower Defense: Shinobi, and Pet Simulator X.

What Is Roblox FPS?

Whether you're playing on a mobile device, tablet, Xbox, or PC/laptop, you're likely to notice Roblox FPS differences between the lot. Like any game, you're relying on your device's graphics processing unit (or GPU) to read each game's code and use those instructions to generate its 3D world.

Anything from walls, floor types, hairstyles, and shadows temporarily use up some of a GPU's limited resources. The more complex the game, the harder a GPU has to work to make it run well. Given most devices use different GPUs that might be stronger or weaker than another, some platforms will run these games better than others. A budget mobile phone will, for example, struggle to keep up with a chunky Xbox.

The more a device struggles to run a Roblox game, the lower the FPS will be, resulting in a gameplay experience that feels slow, unresponsive, and hard to enjoy. Not only that, but a lower FPS means being at a disadvantage in competitive titles as well.

If you can't see the action as quickly as someone with higher FPS, you won't be able to react as quickly. That's why it's important to strike that balance between looks and performance. Let's get started.

Dragon Adventures is a difficult game to get good Roblox FPS in because of its high graphical fidelity.
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How Do I Increase My Roblox FPS?

  • Turn off any Battery Saver or Low Power modes on your device
  • Plug your device into a power source
  • Close background apps or programs like YouTube or a web browser
  • Turn down the in-game settings
  • Toggle 'Turbo Mode' in supported games

There are a bunch of things you can do to increase your Roblox FPS. All of them relate to giving your device's GPU more power or freeing up its resources so that it can focus on performance over graphical goodies. Follow the steps above in order. That way you won't have to sacrifice a game's graphics until you're left with no other option. Keep reading for a more in-depth explanation and example.

Turning off "low-power" or "battery saver" modes on your phone, tablet, or laptop can increase your Roblox FPS.
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Disable 'Low Power' or 'Battery Saver' Modes

So what can you do if your Roblox FPS feels particularly low? Before you go running off to buy a new phone, tablet, or computer graphics card, follow the simple step of plugging your device in. Most battery-powered devices run in a low-power state when they're not charging, which stops the battery from draining when you're presumably without a way to charge it.

By plugging it in (or turning off a battery-saving feature somewhere in the settings), you'll be giving your device permission to let the GPU run at its best, consuming more power for better Roblox FPS. On a laptop, you can typically do this by right-clicking the battery icon. On a phone or tablet, the button is usually on the pull-down menu.

If that doesn't help get you a nice, smooth gameplay experience, you're going to want to fiddle around with the game's settings. No matter the game you're playing, Roblox has a universal menu you can open up by clicking the logo in the top-left corner. In here, you can tap into the Settings tab and use a simple slider to alter the game's graphics settings.

Simply put, the lower the setting, the better Roblox FPS you'll get. This will remove some of the fancier graphical elements like shadows, lighting, and depth of field (distant blur), but the result should be a smoother gameplay experience that will drain less battery, make your device run cooler, and, most importantly, run better without removing any actual features.

By turning the settings down in the master menu, you can boost your Roblox FPS.
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We've used the new game Tower Defense: Shinobi to illustrate the potential differences between high and low in-game settings. Our PC could run the game at a fixed 60 Roblox FPS regardless, but less powerful computers, laptops, and phones will see a big difference in performance between the two settings.

Keep moving the slider around until you reach a point where you're happy with both the Roblox FPS and the graphical quality of the game, but most pro gamers will tell you to run at the lowest settings all the time. This reduces the risk of any little hitches or frame drops.

Another thing PC users can do is run the game in a window. The smaller the window, the lower the in-game render resolution will be. That means fewer pixels for your GPU to fill with textures, giving it more resources to spend on actually increasing performance.

Finally, if you want a quick and easy fix, go into your favourite Roblox game and hope there's a 'Fast Mode' toggle in its dedicated settings page. You'll usually need to reboot the game to make this work properly, but this little switch will load in a 'lite' version of the game that should be much easier for older devices to handle.

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