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The latest Factory Simulator codes can be used to build a massive assembly line.

The latest Factory Simulator codes can be used to build a massive assembly line.
April 19, 2022: We checked for new Factory Simulator codes, and moved one to expired.

Looking to ramp up production with the latest Factory Simulator codes? Though we can't produce any new ones, we can list those made by the developers for that purpose. So whether you're looking for a cash injection or some free crates, you're sure to find something that can help your business thrive.

Developed by Gaming Glove Studios, popular Roblox title Factory Simulator puts you in control of your own manufacturing plant. You'll have to do most of the heavy lifting and material harvesting yourself early on, but keep at it, and you'll soon have an assembly line dumping new products into boxes ready to be sold to support your growing empire.

Once you've conquered the business world, check out our list of codes guides to find your next obsession teeming with freebies. Right now, Shindo Life codes, Tower Defense: Shinobi codes, and Anime Fighters Simulator codes are all proving pretty popular. For something more passive, Coin Master free spins links can really help pass the time.

All Working Factory Simulator Codes

  • TheCarbonMeister - Two Advanced Crates
  • Stanscode - Two Advanced Crates

The following Factory Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed expired on April 19, 2022.

Expired Codes

  • TYSMFOR100KLIKES!!! - Two Advanced Crates
  • greetingsmychildren - 3,000 Cash
  • October - 3,870 Cash
  • TwitterCode2021!
  • Sub2Cikesha
  • Firesam

  • Kingkade
  • Goatguy
You can use Factory Simulator codes as soon as you drop into the game.
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How Do I Use Factory Simulator Codes?

  • Launch the game from the Factory Simulator page on Roblox
  • Walk over to the Promo Codes window by the spawn
  • Tap the text entry part and type in your Factory Simulator codes
  • Press the submit button
  • Alternatively, press the Shopping Cart button and type your codes into the bar at the bottom of the window

Factory Simulator codes can be used as soon as you drop into the game, but the process can be easily missed if you're looking for the traditional Twitter button most other Roblox games use.

To use Factory Simulator codes, you need to interact with the game world itself. Rather than use the UI to redeem them, you need to click on the text box part of the Promo Codes wall near the spawn. After that, you'll be able to use your keyboard to type in Factory Simulator codes as normal. Or paste them in if you've copied them from our list above. That works too.

And if you're far away from the board, you can open up the shopping cart menu and the bottom and type Factory Simulator codes into the little black box at the bottom of the resulting window.

When Will We Get More Factory Simulator Codes?

With the big Tier 7 update having just landed, new Factory Simulator codes are sure to follow. The developer hasn't teased or announced any, but more Roblox games release one or two redeem codes for major milestones and updates.

Until that happens, the best we can suggest is that you check back here regularly. We'll update our list of Factory Simulator codes as soon as we learn of any new ones. They don't tend to expire very quickly, so checking back daily (especially after an update) is a safe bet.#

What's New in the Factory Simulator Tier 7 Update?

  • Tier 7 has been added
  • New machines and recipes have been added
  • Spatial Voice has been enabled
  • Two new plot expansions have been added
  • Changed some maps
  • Added a new vehicle

By far the biggest part of the Factory Simulator tier 7 update is the introduction of tier 7 itself. Beyond that, players can unlock even more space to build their dream factories, ride around in new vehicles, and even talk to other players through spatial voice.

How Do I Play Factory Simulator?

Factory Simulator isn't a particularly easy game to get into. There's no real tutorial to speak of, but the big quest log at the top will keep you on a steady path of experimentation and discovery. When you drop into the world, you'll have everything you need to get started. You'll have a plot of land for your first production line, tools to harvest wood and stone from the rocks and trees nearby, and a few things like crates and conveyor belts to build your first assembly.

Once you've redeemed any working Factory Simulator codes, just have fun harvesting materials with your tool (press H or click the axe icon at the bottom), and use those to start building your factory with the build button beside the harvest icon. If you're familiar with Minecraft and the idea of Redstone circuits, a similar principle powers this game. If you're feeling lost, just look up Factory Simulator videos on YouTube. You're sure to find inspiration.

And that's it for this guide on the latest Factory Simulator codes. For more freebies for top Roblox games, check out the Anime Clicker codes list for a pet-based game, or grab Anime Punching Simulator codes for something with more hands-on combat. Another popular one would be Weapon Fighting Simulator codes, which is a good way to avoid the anime theme while still seeing some action.

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