Dragon Blox codes (February 2024) - free stats and boosts

Image of a Roblox anime character in Dragon Blox.
February 15, 2024: We've updated our Dragon Blox codes.

Looking for new Dragon Blox codes to up your Roblox game? It's a good strategy. Letting new codes expire means falling behind your friends. Falling behind in a combat-heavy game like this means becoming a liability in the fights the game world depends on.

Right now, most Dragon Blox codes award bonus stat points to buff up your preferred attributes. They'll reduce the grind for sure, but they won't offer any resources. What they will do is speed up the time it takes to unlock your next Rebirth or Fusion.

We've also rounded up codes for dozens of the biggest titles around in our Roblox codes hub. So if you're looking to boost in the latest and greatest DBZ tribute, Zenkai Origins, or fancy something different like King Legacy or Omega Tower Defense Simulator, we have freebies to help you out.

All working Dragon Blox codes (February 2024)

There are no active Dragon Blox codes at the moment. We'll update once new codes are out, stay tuned!

Dragon Blox Codes


Expired Codes

How to redeem Dragon Blox codes using the in-game menu.
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How do I use Dragon Blox codes?

The method for redeeming Dragon Blox codes is polished. More so than most other Roblox games, that's for sure. But that doesn't make it easy to find. There's no big Twitter bird icon or even any mention of codes existing on the game page. But fret not; there is a way.

To redeem Dragon Blox codes, launch the game and log in to the game as usual. When you have control of your character, click or tap on the 'Menu' button on the left side of the screen. Go into 'Settings' to open up the window, then hit the small 'Redeem Code' button on the bottom right.

Type or paste each code into the box, hit redeem, and then confirm you want to receive the rewards it shows. It's that simple.

What is Dragon Blox?

Dragon Blox is a fighting simulator game based on the Dragon Ball franchise. Rather than complete quests and other activities to level up and take on NPC-controlled enemies, the main focus is PVP. Players duke it out against each other, attempting to display a dominant strategy of skill-weaving and strength to knock out the competition.

In Dragon Blox, players strengthen their main character by doing something as simple as punching the air. This accumulates 'Power,' which works like EXP in other games to level up the character at certain thresholds.

The higher power rating a player reaches, the higher level of transformation 'mode' they can use. At certain points, a character can 'Rebirth,' resetting their level but increasing their base stats. With enough Rebirths under their belt, players then choose to fuse with iconic Dragon Ball characters to increase their stats further.

Ultimately, it's about training up to beat the competition in one of the many tournaments that start several times each hour. If you're a fan of the show's many tournaments (including the Tournament of Power), you'll have a blast.

How do I play Dragon Blox?

You can play Dragon Blox on your preferred Roblox device just by searching for the game on the main directory. If it doesn't show up, just click through to the Dragon Blox game page here.

Once you're in-game, focus on getting a feel for the controls. You can bring these up by tapping the big 'HELP' button on the left side of the game screen.

Practice punching, moving, and flying before taking anyone else on. Punching raises your Power, which you'll use to learn new skills in the menu, activate Rebirths, use Fusion, and even transform into a Super Saiyan.

Dragon Blox gameplay.
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What's new in the latest Dragon Blox update?

The latest update 16.7 brought in new changes to the game like the updated stat HUD, guild window, quest window, new daily quests, new free for all PVP world, new guild house, new guild quests, new guild shop, guild leaderboard and monthly rewards, and many more.

The developer also started a giveaway event for this month.

How do I transform in Dragon Blox?

Once you've reached the correct power level in Dragon Blox, you can transform simply by typing in the short-code for the transformation you just unlocked. You can check your currently available transformations by opening up the menu and tapping the 'Modes' menu.

For example, at 48,000 Power, you can type "SSJ2" into the chatbox to transform into the Super Saijin 2 form. At 83,000 Power, the SSJ3 command unlocks instead. To turn the transformation off, just type "off" into the chatbox instead.

Is Dragon Blox just Super Saiyan Simulator 2?

If you've come across Dragon Blox after attempting to log in to Super Saiyan Simulator 2, there's a reason for that: they're the same game. Released back in 2020, Super Saiyan Simulator has been around for a while, but Update 6 changed enough that the developers saw fit to rename the game to Dragon Blox.

Update 6 is a soft reboot of Super Saiyan Simulator 2. Character progress hasn't been reset, but it's the start of a long list of wider changes set to turn the game into a better version of its former self.

And that's it for Dragon Blox codes for this month. They don't tend to release more than a couple at the start of the month. We'll update if they do, but it's unlikely. If you really need to use more codes, look at Anime Punching Simulator codes or Weapon Fighting Simulator codes instead.

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