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February 4, 2022: After over four months of silence, the primary developer of the game today announced that Zenkai Origins will never receive its planned update. The game is over, and no new Zenkai Origins codes are likely to ever arrive.

Looking for the latest working Zenkai Origins codes? You've come to the right place. One of the hottest new Roblox experiences around is a fully-fledged Dragon Ball Z MMORPG in a gameplay style that's reminiscent of the old GameBoy Advance games. As the game grows in popularity, codes will be the only thing keeping early adopters ahead of the curve.

By keeping on top of every Zenkai Origins code before they expire, you'll be able to score some free Zeni and other in-game goods. You're welcome to grind for the same resources, but a little boost here and there shouldn't ever really be passed up.

Codes aren't exclusive to the new Dragon Ball Z game, either. Virtually every Roblox game under the sun has a system for redeeming codes. If you've exhausted the ones below and want to use some more, check out our Roblox codes hub for some more great games and their codes. That includes other anime-inspired games like King Legacy, Slayers Unleashed, and Shindo Life.

All Working Zenkai Origins Codes

  • GETDAGRIND - 2x XP boost
  • FREEMONEY - 5,000 Zeni

The codes listed below were last checked and confirmed inactive and expired on February 5, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No codes have expired. Phew!
The code redeem screen in Zenkai Origins.
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What Are Zenkai Origins Codes?

Zenkai Origins codes are freebie codes given out by the game's developer that typically offer some handy in-game bonuses like XP boosts and Zeni. In typical Roblox fashion, you can probably expect to see new codes arrive whenever the game hits a new player milestone. We'll be sure to add the latest codes to our list as soon as they arrive.

How Do I Redeem Zenkai Origins Codes?

Zenkai Origins codes are simple enough to redeem, but the appropriate window is hidden away in a spot not seen in other Roblox games.

To redeem Zenkai Origins codes, all you need to do is press "J" on your keyboard during gameplay or tap the cog icon in the top-right of the screen. This will pop open the settings window. You should see a text box at the bottom of this window that says "Enter code here..." And that's exactly what you should do.

Type the working codes in here and they'll automatically redeem if they were entered correctly and haven't expired or been used in the past.

What Is Zenkai Origins?

Zenkai Origins is an MMOPRG built on the Roblox platform. Based on the ever-popular Dragon Ball franchise, it drops you into a fantastical world where beasts roam the wilderness and alien species often threaten the earth with annihilation.

As a master of the martial arts who's able to concentrate "Ki" energy into powerful blasts, you're relied on to challenge the plans of these supervillains whenever and wherever they show up.

You can create your character around any one of the four available races: Human, Saiyan, Namekian, and Majin. Whether male or female, each race other than the Namekian people has access to around 31 hairstyles, numerous face types, and a few default clothing options. It's a surprisingly customizable game at launch, and we can probably expect more styles as time goes on.

Once you're done with character creation, it's a simple matter of accepting quests out in the world, exploring areas like the Diablo Desert and West City, and beating up baddies as you grind through combat levels.

Gameplay of the Roblox title Zenkai Origins.
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How Do I Play Zenkai Origins?

So long as you have a working Roblox account, you have everything you need to start playing Zenkai Origins. Being new, the game isn't showing up high in the search bar at the moment, but you get can there easily by clicking this Zenkai Origins link on the device you want to play on.

What Is the Max Level in Zenkai Origins?

The current max level in Zenkai Origins is 200 as of the time of its release. Level 100 serves as a soft cap, but you can push all the way to 200 with enough effort. This is according to the notice published to the game page on the Roblox directory.

Is Zenkai Origins Popular?

We would say so! Less than 24 hours after the game's release on August 29, Zenkai Origins had already amassed half a million plays, 10k likes, and 40k favourites. Even in the early hours of the night, it was holding onto over 7,000 players. If updates keep rolling in, Zenkai Origins could be one of the biggest Dragon Ball Z MMORPGs on the Roblox platform.

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