Is Roblox down? - Status and maintenance details

A Roblox character snowboarding.

A Roblox character snowboarding.
April 4, 2023: Roblox is down! Alongside Twitter, a wider service outage at the platform's hosting location seems to have knocked Roblox out of service for the time being. The game appeared to go down at around 4:30PM GMT.

Is Roblox down? It very well could be. Just like the games or 'experiences' on Roblox, the platform itself has to shut off for maintenance every so often, kicking players to perform important updates. But with so many people wanting to play Roblox games, it can be a bit of a bother, especially if you didn't expect it.

Luckily, it is possible to keep track of the Roblox status so you can always know if the platform is still active. So if your answer to the question "is Roblox down?" is "yes", take a look at our list below to work out why exactly that is, and whether it was planned or not.

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Is Roblox down right now?

Roblox is down as of April 4, 2023 at 4:30 PM GMT.

If you want to be certain, you can check the official Roblox status website, which is updated regularly.

For an estimate of recent users reporting issues, Down Detector is a good site to check, as it lists any outages over the past 24 hours. This help page from the Roblox website also explains any issues you might experience if there's an outage and offers some other ways to find out what the current Roblox status is.

However, in the early hours of December 10, Roblox was suffering with some server issues.

There were thousands of reports of players unable to join games, meaning it was temporarily down and not working. This was a very brief outage, lasting around five hours, and normal service resumed not long after these issues were reported. As of present, everything is back to normal!

The Roblox status page on the official website.
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When does Roblox maintenance take place?

Roblox maintenance is generally performed during the night or when the platform has typically fewer players than usual. It's actually quite rare to see a Roblox maintenance warning sign in-game, so it won't often affect you. This does still happen, though, especially if they need to implement vital fixes immediately.

You'll know if they do because a yellow or orange banner appears in-game telling you that server access is going to be unavailable, but if the maintenance is unexpected, you might find yourself kicked from whatever game you're playing. Sometimes, you might not need to disconnect but could receive a warning that states maintenance is ongoing and that there might be connection issues.

Lots of Roblox characters gathered together.
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And that's it for our Roblox status and maintenance guide for now. For more helpful tips and info, be sure to check out our Roblox guides hub.

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