Defenders Depot Codes - Free Crates and More

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January 24, 2022: We checked for new Defenders Depot codes, but there weren't any.

If it’s Defenders Depot Codes you’re after, you’re in the right place. Developed by Leif, this game is Roblox’s version of a tower defence game, not unlike Omega Tower Defense Simulator or All Star Tower Defense. In stages of increasing difficulty, you’ll spend coins upgrading your defences and weaponry to stave off ominous yellow enemies.

We’ve got a rundown of all the active and expired Defenders Depot codes, so you can unlock some useful crates before you get into the core game. They’ll provide you the chance to unlock anything from speed boosts to deadly power-ups, so they’re definitely worth having a dig into.

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Gameplay from Defenders Depot, with a blue sprite observing a grey machine gun
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All Working Defenders Depot Codes

  • ZaP - 10,000 coins
  • fir3ball - Power-up crate
  • killALLpls - Power-up crate
  • disco - Power-up crate
  • SIX!? - Power-up crate
  • soon - Power-up crate
  • b00m - Power-up crate
  • b0x - Power-up crate
  • 69 - Free coins
  • bugcatcher - Power-up crate
  • speeeed - Free coins

The good news is that most Defenders Depot codes don’t expire, and as such can be used whenever you first dive into the game. Of course, they’re only good for one use, but they’re still very handy boosts when playing.

These are codes that previously worked for Defenders Depot but have now expired. These were last checked on January 24, 2022.

  • updatetime
  • 200K!
  • halfwaythere
  • oneMillion!
  • dreamcometrue
  • hd - Power-up crate
  • daily - Power-up crate

What Are Defenders Depot Codes?

Defenders Depot codes grant you access to free power-up crates. These are effectively loot boxes that contain various bonuses to help you in-game. Usually, the crates cost real-life money, with the power-up crates coming in at 15 Robux a piece. Therefore, these codes are a handy way to save some money while also getting useful benefits.

The codes unlock power-up crates, which are the game’s most basic loot box. When unlocked or purchased, these will spin to grant you one of a select few stat boosts. Each boost has a different chance of being selected. These probabilities are shown below:

  • 45% chance of getting a kill bonus
  • 35% chance of enemies spawning more slowly
  • 15% chance of a weapon speed boost
  • 5% chance of unlocking a 'Kill All' power-up

There are two other types of crates, too: the godly crate and the power-up pack. Neither are available through these codes, though they do contain greater chances of unlocking the 'Kill All' and speed boost bonuses.

The main benefit of the Defenders Depot codes is that they’ll give you a head start in-game as you find your feet. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by an onslaught of enemies on a difficult stage, the bonuses can give you a helping hand to get through it. Equally, they’ll save you money, as you won’t have to purchase the power-up crates – unless you want more, of course. As such, they’re a must-redeem for newcomers to Defenders Depot.

Image of Defenders Depot menus, displaying the Enter Code text box
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How Do I Use Defenders Depot Codes?

The good news is that the redemption process is the same whether you’re playing Defenders Depot on PC or mobile devices.

  • First, you’ll need to load up Defenders Depot on your respective platform. You can do this by loading up the game’s official Roblox page, or by searching for it on the Roblox app
  • Once you’re loaded in, press the 'Settings' menu on the left-hand side of the screen. It’s identifiable through a grey gear logo
  • The first line you’ll see is an 'Enter Code' text box. Type the code in here, watching for capitalisation, and then hit the green 'Go' button
  • If the code is active, the area about the 'Settings' menu will display a random spinner, where you’ll find out what bonus you’ve got from the crate

How Do I Get More Defenders Depot Codes?

The good news is that Defenders Depot’s developer, Leif, drops new codes very frequently. There’s usually a fresh code included with each update, which tend to happen roughly every week. Therefore, we recommend keeping a close eye on the Defenders Depot Discord server, where the patch notes are released first. Leif’s Twitch channel is also linked on the game’s homepage, and while there aren’t any codes there right now, any new streams could contain some freebies. They've also just opened a Twitter account, with the promise of codes to come.

Of course, it’s also worth keeping an eye on this page, as we’ll be updating it with new codes as and when they’re released. With the game still in its early stages, Defenders Depot should only grow over time – and as such, you’ll want all the codes you can get your hands on.

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