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Clownfish Adventures codes (October 2023) - Free boosts and pets

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A clownfish kicking a Roblox character in Clownfish Adventures.
September 30, 2023: We've checked for new Clownfish Adventures codes.

Looking for Clownfish Adventures codes? This Roblox game from renowned developer Thunder1222 recently burst onto the user-generated platform, and is gaining a tonne of traction. As such, the arrival codes is little more than a formality.

In this guide, we'll break down all the active Clownfish Adventures codes you can redeem right now, alongside on details on how to use them. We'll also explain what each code unlocks, while signposting a few places you can anticipate codes to land in the future.

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New Clownfish Adventures codes (October 2023)

  • No active Clownfish Adventures codes

Expired codes:

  • No expired codes
An image of the code redemption screen in Clownfish Adventures.
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How do I use Clownfish Adventures codes?

While there aren't any Clownfish Adventures codes just yet, there is a concrete method already in-game, which goes as follows.

  • Boot up Clownfish Adventures from the Roblox game page.
  • Play through the tutorial until you get access to the open hub area.
  • Tap the Menu button on the right, then the Codes icon on that page.
  • Paste in a code and redeem!

What are Clownfish Adventures codes?

As it stands, there aren't any Clownfish Adventures codes, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly what they'll do. However, if you follow the game's two main developers and Twitter and verify that via the Codes box, you'll get some handy boosts. Namely, there are two permanent 1.25x multipliers to boost your yield and DPS, making the grind that bit easier.

Of course, the existence of a code redemption box means that Clownfish Adventures codes will no doubt arrive soon. We expect they'll provide a few time-limited yield or XP boosts, alongside new pets to increase your DPS when equipped.

Once we know exactly what to expect from Clownfish Adventures codes, we'll update this section of our guide!

How do I get more Clownfish Adventures codes?

The best place to look for more Clownfish Adventures codes is no doubt Twitter (or X). There are two accounts to keep an eye on here: thunder1222RBLX and UncleDaveyRBLX. Codes could drop on their profiles at any time.

There's also an official Discord server to join, though this covers the developer's range of games, not just Clownfish Adventures. Either way, expect codes to arrive there eventually.

Lastly, you can also bookmark this page and check back regularly. We'll update our guide as soon as some Clownfish Adventures codes land, saving you the effort of looking around for them.


How do I play Clownfish Adventures? - Game page link

Of course, to redeem Clownfish Adventures codes you'll also need the Roblox game link. We've got it right here for you:

Click here for the Clownfish Adventures Roblox game page.

That's it for our look at Clownfish Adventures codes! Be sure to check back as soon as freebies start to land. Until then, why not mop up the latest Shindo Life codes and War Tycoon codes?

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