How to equip a title in Blox Fruits

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Fighting against monsters in Blox Fruits, which can help get titles.

Want to equip a title in Blox Fruits? As you gain power and start performing more feats in Blox Fruits on Roblox, your achievements are recognised by earning a title. There are titles for several accomplishments, such as gaining a certain amount of Bounty or defeating a special enemy.

Some are also failure related, such as falling to a boss in battle. By the time you can equip a title to yourself, you likely have a few titles available. There's no special purpose for equipping titles other than showing off an accomplishment (or lack thereof). But it's a great way to let other players see what you have done, and help them achieve the titles they want to equip someday.

How do I equip a title in Blox Fruits?

To equip a title, you must have access to the Second Sea. It doesn't matter if you reach all the requirements for a title while you are in the First Sea. Blox Fruits will not recognise your accomplishments until you have been to the Second Sea. After that, it doesn't matter where you are, as you will be notified when you achieve a title.

Titles are not automatically equipped to your character once you receive them. You must find a Titles Specialist in either the Second or Third Seas, who is responsible for helping your character equip and change titles. Talk to the Titles Specialist and you can equip any titles that you earned throughout your adventure. The title will display on your character as you explore the world, and players will be able to see it when they run into you.

Changing your title works the same way. Talk to the Titles Specialist to switch titles out once you have achieved the one you want. It's helpful if your first titles were related to something embarrassing, such as drowning in water. You must have the title available if you want to switch to it; you can't change to a title that you don't own.

Finding the Titles Specialist is the hardest part, because they don't sit in an obvious location like the quest giver NPCs. In the Second Sea, head to the Café and look for a hole underneath one of the treasure chests. Go through the hole and follow the path to find the Titles Specialist at the end. For those in the Third Sea, the Titles Specialist is found at the Mansion. Go past the trading tables and you should see the Titles Specialist in the next room.

You can't lose your titles, and they remain with your character unless you do a complete reset. If you manage to obtain a coveted title, it's always a good idea to have your title changed to reflect your accomplishments.

The reverse is also true; you can change your titles if you aren't proud of the ones you currently have. It's possible to remove your titles as well if you don't want to advertise your achievements.


Now that you know how to equip a title, you can make your way to the Second Sea and get started. By the time you reach the Third Sea, you have significantly more titles and more accomplishments to brag about.

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