How to get and use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits (March 2023)

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Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits.

One of the most important steps on the path to becoming the strongest warrior is to awaken your race to V4 and for this, you will need to know how to get and use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits.

In this Roblox game, you can meet a lot of dangerous enemies and we recommend you get the Race V4 as soon as possible. This process is not fast, but in the end, you will receive extremely valuable bonuses from the awakened race.

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How to get Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

Mirror Fractals drop from a boss named Dough King. You should prepare for a difficult fight if you want to get your reward. In order to get to this raid boss, follow the next steps:

  • Go to the Door of Time located on Chocolate Island
  • Talk to the Sweet Crafter and ask him to craft you the Cake Chalice. This item can be crafted with God’s Chalice and x10 Conjured Cocoa
  • After Sweet Crafter makes the item for you, go to Cake Island and find Drip Mama. This NPC will tell you how many enemies you need to kill in order to open the portal to the boss. You will have to slay exactly 500 enemies if you want to fight Dough King
  • After you get the required number of kills, go back to Drip Mama and use your Cake Chalice to start the boss fight

Defeating Dough King will reward you with a Mirror Fractal. But don’t think that it’ll be easy, as this raid boss is one of the toughest in Blox Fruits.

Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits.
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How to use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

As we have already mentioned, Mirror Fractals are a key ingredient to awakening your race. If you don’t know how exactly you need to use it, just follow the next steps:

  • Find Mirage Island and wait for the night
  • Reach the highest point on this island
  • Use your V3 ability
  • The moon should start to glow and resonate with your Mirror Fractal

After that, you will be able to go to the Temple of Time and complete the final step to awaken your Race V4, the most powerful race in the game!

How to find Mirage Island in Blox Fruits


Mirage Island is a key location to get Race V4, and you’ll have to go there if you want to use your Mirror Fractal. However, finding this place is not so easy. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Mirage Island spawns randomly, and you always have a chance to encounter it while sailing the boat
  • Try to stay away from other islands as they may prevent Mirage Island from spawning
  • Mirage Island spawns for a short time. We highly recommend that you act as quickly as possible if you want to use your Mirror Fractal

Awakening your Race to V4 is quite difficult and hopefully, this guide will help you reach your goal. After all, this game is all about farming, fighting tough bosses, finding rare items, and making your character stronger!

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