Blade Simulator codes - free gold and boosts (September 2022)

Image of a warrior in Blade Simulator.

Image of a warrior in Blade Simulator.
September 13, 2022: We checked our Blade Simulator codes. Check them out below.

Looking for Blade Simulator codes? This new Roblox game puts you in the shoes of a wannabe warrior, tasked with purchasing increasingly powerful weapons to conjure up magic and defeat hulking bosses. The grind can be intense if you aren't prepared, so we've got all the codes you could ever need to make solid progress.

In this Roblox guide, we'll break down each and every Blade Simulator code, so you know exactly if they work and what they redeem. We've also got a detailed breakdown of the code redemption process, alongside a look at where future Blade Simulator codes will likely release.

For even more roblox codes, you're in the right place. Feel free to grab some general Roblox codes for in-game clothing items, alongside Shindo Life codes for the combat-heavy experience. We've also got Project Slayers codes for freebies in the game taking over the platform.

All working Blade Simulator codes

  • update13 - 13,000 Gold
  • 5000likes - One hour of boosts
  • 2000likes - One hour of boosts
  • update8 - 80,000 Gold
  • tokyo - Free boosts
  • goldenninja50 - 10,000 Gold
  • gravy - 10,000 Gold
  • russo - 10,000 Gold
  • razor - 10,000 Gold
  • snuglife - 10,000 Gold
  • flamingo - 10,000 Gold

The following Blade Simulator codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as not working on September 13, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No Blade Simulator codes have expired just yet. hooray!
Image of the code redemption page in Blade Simulator.
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How do I use Blade Simulator codes?

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Redeeming your Blade Simulator codes is a fairly easy process. Even better, it works exactly the same whether you're playing Roblox on mobile or PC. Here's how to do it:

  • Boot up Blade Simulator via the Roblox game page.
  • Once in a lobby, tap the cog icon to bring up the Settings menu.
  • Paste in a code from our list and hit Redeem.
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message saying what you've unlocked!

What are Blade Simulator codes?

As with a lot of other Roblox games, Blade Simulator codes are redeemable coupons you can use at any time. If they're valid, you'll get a dose of free in-game items, which you'd otherwise only be able to unlock by playing the game.

Right now, Blade Simulator codes can mostly be used to get free Gold and performance boosts. The former is the base currency in the game, used to purchase new blades to help you defeat the stronger bosses. The boosts work slightly differently, often increasing your gold yield or the efficiency of your XP gain for a brief spurt of extra performance.

Future Blade Simulator codes could provide anything from even more Gold to exclusive blades or even pets down the line. They're currently quite hard to unlock, so the developer Forging Entertainment Simulators could easily provide a free pet once the game picks up steam.

How do I get more Blade Simulator codes?

As a game that's still gaining steam on the Roblox platform, you can expect even more Blade Simulator codes to arrive in the near future. If you want to grab them as soon as they land, we've compiled a few places for you to check.

Your first port of call should be the game's official Roblox page, which you'll need to navigate to simply play the game in the first place. Codes are found in the description and seem to be kept fairly updated, so it's a very useful resource to have. It's also a good idea to follow the developer's Twitter account and join the Discord server, in case any platform-exclusive freebies happen to crop up.

That's it for our look at Blade Simulator codes! While we wait for more to drop, feel free to nab some Blox Fruits codes for freebies in another hit Roblox title.

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