Anime Warriors Discord link - How to get access and support

Anime Warriors Discord Link - How to Get Access and Support

Anime Warriors Discord Link - How to Get Access and Support
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Discord can be a pretty incredible tool. If you're looking for support or some new friends, it's a great way of accessing a community full of people like you. If you're looking for the Roblox Anime Warriors Discord link, here it is, and everything you should know about it.

Unfortunately, with so many people looking to join, there's a bit of an extended verification process. If you've got in and you're struggling with this, we'll take you through how to fix it and what the servers asks of you. As well as this, we will go over how to ask for support when you get there.

If you're looking for more Roblox to play whilst you ask for verification, you should check out our Anime Warriors codes page or Blox Fruits codes as well. If this isn't your thing, maybe these King Legacy codes or All Star Tower Defense codes will help you when trying out a new game.

Where is the Anime Warriors Discord link?

If you don't want to go and find the link on their Twitter, You can get into the Anime Warriors Discord via this link. As long as you already have Discord installed, it should automatically bring you to the server. You'll find the game-specific channels along the side, so just look for anything with the AW acronym.

How do I access the Anime Warriors Discord?

To get the Discord link another way, you simply have to check out the Twitter page ran by the developer of the game. They have a few social links plus access to all their games. You can find the Anime Warriors Twitter here. It's the studio-specific one, so expect to see other games mentioned as well.

Anime Warriors Discord Link - How to Get Access and Support
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How to talk in the Anime Warriors Discord

To talk in the Anime Warriors discord, you first have to pass their verification checks. Unfortunately, Roblox Discord servers, especially the public ones, often get inundated with requests from scammers. They need to put in place some precautions to stop that.

Once you join the server, go to the "how to verify" sections, where you should see a link to verify your account.

It will send you to Rover, a discord bot that verifies your identity. Authorize it, allowing it to access your data, to get everything started. It will make you acknowledge some rules and requirements before you go on. It will validate your presence by getting you to play a certain game or by putting a code in your profile.

The first time I did this, something went wrong and I just tried it again and everything worked. From here, you have to agree to the server's rules. This will then give you access to all the discord rooms. You can talk, check for codes, or meet up with friends.

Getting Anime Warriors Discord support

If you're looking for support, you can get some in the standard rooms or by going over to the "server faq" section. This should answer any questions you may have about the game, alongside some general support queries.

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